Cat1 alarm and locking - welshy
Have any of you guys got a Cavalier with central locking that works of your remote for the alarm ?
Im having problems with mine , mainly with the boot-lock. This problem has started since I used the key to open and unlock the boot .Ocasionaly the central locking fuse will blow !?
Has anyone had this problem , how can I cure it as its costing me a fortune in fuses !
Cat1 alarm and locking - Dynamic Dave
The Cavalier boot lock has 2 positions it can be left in. Turn the key to the vertical position and the boot will remain locked when the rest of the car is unlocked, or turn the key to the horizontal position and it will lock/unlock with the central locking.

You haven't left the lock in a different position to where it was previously by chance? ie, in the permanently locked position, so when the central locking is activated by the remote plip it blows the fuse because it cannot unlock the boot.

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