focus 1.4 lx wheels? - Andy22
anyone familar with the steel wheels on this car (52reg). it only has steel wheels and apparantly they are 14inch i want to put 15inch alloys on but don\'t know about the set up?

the 1.6 lx has 15 inch wheels, are the suspension set ups different?
focus 1.4 lx wheels? - Andy22
i had a feeling i wouldn't get much of a response, ford do do 14 alloys for this focus but i would prefer 15's
focus 1.4 lx wheels? - Ellen
Hi - you could try asking this Q on the ford focus owners club forum - - they're very knowledgeable anout these things.

focus 1.4 lx wheels? - blank

Are there Focus models with 14's as standard and 15's as options? If there are that suggests the supension setups for running the different wheels are very likely the same.

My own thoughts are that you are unlikely to have a problem changing to genuine Focus alloys of a 1" larger diameter. However, to be thorough, you need to investigate the rolling circumference of the 14" tyres against the 15"'s you propose to fit.

If you don't know the meaning of all the numbers on tyre sidewalls, a site search of this forum will help. Some kind sole once posted a reference to a site which would calculate rolling circumfernce for you. Good luck finding it!
focus 1.4 lx wheels? - jc
The driver's manual supplied with the car should tell you what other wheels/tyres are fitted.


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