Buying a small car PRICE ??? - blade
Greetings to all. Am seeking some advice soonest on the following.

need to purchase a small car (VW Polo size) ASAP to replace a second but now defunct car.

Need guidence on type, spec and price dealer and private.

Budget for second hand car £4000.
Requirments, reliablity and low running costs!!!, central locking and electric windows esp front, 4/5 doors. AC would be nice. Petrol or diesel.


New car similar size but budget £8000 max.

Look forward to the comments, Honest John ?

Thanks everybody
Buying a small car PRICE ??? - weatherwitch
Why not have a look through the Car by car bReakdown to see what's what about each car type, then do a quick search via the AutoTrader ad at the side (generates cash for the site) and see what the local asking prices are?

I haven't a clue about new cars (nor used at that price either :)) but there are some very nice small new cars within your top budget.
Buying a small car PRICE ??? - Vansboy
A nearly new Punto should be possible if can find a few £$£$, more.

Check some of the links on HJ's 'This Weeks Best Deals'.

Yes, I know what the anti fiat brigade will think. But you'll get a newer car for your cash, though.

Buying a small car PRICE ??? - lordwoody
Low running costs for a Fiat are offset against large depreciation, and I'm not anti Fiat, just a realist. If you want to lose a larger than average chunk of money, get a Fiat.
A 3 year old one would be a different matter though.
Buying a small car PRICE ??? - Andrew-T
As always, I would recommend buying recent-used rather than new, despite the tempting offers around. There will always be instant depreciation buying new, and unless you want to specify exactly the kit on your (smelly) new car, shop round to find the right one and save £££. They all lose money with time, but there's no point throwing it away unless it burns a hole in your pocket or you HAVE to have a 53 plate.

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