Pug 306 handbook - nwnw
Just bought an S-plate Peugeot 306 GLX but the dealer couldn't supply a handbook and neither can ( or will ? ) Peugeot. Anyone know where I can get one ?
Pug 306 handbook - DavidHM
Scrappy? Try www.breakerlink.com

I'm surprised that the franchise won't supply one. (You didn't expect it to be free, did you?)
Pug 306 handbook - nwnw
Dealer reckons that they can't get hold of one, and they've been good about a couple of other issues so I tend to believe them.

Thanks for the link, I'll give that a shot tomorrow. Enough surfing for one night - got to get up early in the morning.
Pug 306 handbook - Andrew-T
I think if the 306 had been a current model a dealer might have provided a latest edition, but since even the cabrio is no longer current the handbooks may have been binned (though the cabrio handbook was a separate edition I believe). Try a more out-of-the-way dealership who may not have cleared them out yet.

I think there are one or two small-ad people who deal in past brochures and possibly handbooks - try the motoring press.
Pug 306 handbook - Andrew-T
nwnw - I have just asked the Northwich parts dept (I know the guy there) who says they can still get handbooks for Mk.2 but not Mk.1 cars (pre-97). S plate will be Mk.2 so you may be OK.
Pug 306 handbook - ShereKhan

I've got a 306 Cabrio but for soem reason I have a handbook which covers all the models except Cabrio!!

My local dealer has the correct handbook for £12. I haven't got round to buying it yet but i will be if they plan to stop supplying them.

306 2.0 SE Cabriolet
Pug 306 handbook - Dynamic Dave
e-bay maybe??

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