Passat remote locking - davidb
Please does anyone know the procedure for getting the remote to work again after fitting new batteries on a 98 Passat?
Passat remote locking - IanJohnson
I had this problem earlier this year - when you change the batteries it is still dead. Probably a remote failure.

£60 for a new remote plus 20 minutes to code to the car!

Passat remote locking - JohnM{P}
Have you tried the synchronisation procedure in the handbook?
Unfortunately, my Passat handbook and I are miles apart, but on my 51 Golf the procedure (which seems similar)in the handbook is as follows:

1) press either the open or close button once for approx 1 second. The vehicle will remain locked. The control unit however recognises a valid code.
2) now unlock vehicle manually using the remote key
3) the key bite is recognised as the valid mechanical code. A new code is defined between the key and the control unit. The sychronisation is complete
This process must be completed within a minute.

Passat remote locking - davidb
Thanks to you both. The car's handbook doesn't seem to include instructions. I tried the procedure for a Sharan, which is quite different, but no luck so now I'll try John's procedure. Thanks again.

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