Shell Optimax - Jonathan
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I have just filled up with this fuel. My car specs 98 ron preferred, with 95 minimum. I hope that it improves the performance and economy.

I asked the attendant and he said that the fuel is the same as the old stuff, but improved. i.e. it doesn't melt your engine (hopefully).

Fingers crossed

Re: Shell Optimax - Bill Doodson

I wish you good luck, please let me know how you get on. But did you see the post after mine by Ash Philips?

Re: Shell Optimax - honest john
Please, guys, stop starting a new thread about the same thing as a current thread. The more you do this, the more you crowd the list of threads and consign quite recent ones to oblivion in the archives.

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The thread I referred to is at least 8 pages back, if it was just 2 or 3 then I would have added to that one instead. I didnt think many people read that far back.


Re: Shell Optimax - jan david
when i was in new zealand a few years back they introduced a new petrol which started eating into the petrol pipes and causing engine fires - big national problem

all traced back to the refinery

so making petrol isnt as easy as it looks eh?
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I have seen other forums where the list of threads is displayed in the order of the last post date. That way a thread stays on the list as long as people are posting to it. If Phorum supports this type of functionality then it may solve this type of problem.
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Ignore me...I've just seen the other thread.
Any use for older engines? - Miller
I have a Citoen ZX with the old but well proven 1360cc 75bhp 8 valve engine. Would this new petrol give me any increased performance/economy benefits, or is it just designed for newer 16 valve engines?
Re: Any use for older engines? - Matt Kelly
Have a look at the Shell site and make your own mind up -,4010,44845,00.html

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