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I have a 2002 Mondeo Estate that i wish to take abroad. Does anyone know the procedure other than referring to a Ford dealer to change the headlights over for continental use?


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Mentioned in this thread.

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Thanks for the link Dave but i am moving to the continent and temporary fixes are not adequate as my car will be subject to the TUV. Additionally the lights are not Xenon but the Mondeo hadnbook does say they can be changed "by your dealer"

Stand by a rip off.

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Possibly cheaper to wait until you get there then...other posts suggest servicing etc is usually cheaper abroad.
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Bad news I think! The only way you will be able to pass a TUV test will be with proper LHD headlights fitted which usually involves swapping the whole headlight unit for most cars. The Mondeo (non Xenon) along with most modern cars uses a 'Free Form' reflector to form the asymmetric dipped beam pattern (more light to the nearside kerb, i.e., the left for a RHD car and the right for a LHD car). You might be lucky and find that just the dipped beam reflectors can be swapped on a Mondeo, but I doubt it, more likely to be the whole headlight unit unfortunately. I believe that changing a Mondeo headlight involves having the front grille and bumper off too.

You will also need to use a headlamp mask when you are using the car on the 'wrong' side of the road for the headlamps fitted at the time, i.e., if on the continent with the original UK RHD headlights or when back in the UK with the LHD headlights fitted (not that most foreign LHD drivers seem to make any effort on this when in the UK, trucks especially who probably come over weekly). You would need to consult Ford on what shape the masks should be as they tend to bear no resemblance to the old wedge shaped ones used on older lights with prism lenses as well as there being no guide where to put them on the clear lens.

Hope this is helpful!
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If you do have to change the headlights it's a very easy job and doesn't require bumper removal.
With the bonnet open you'll see two small plastic locaters on top of the grille, one either side. Twist these until they unlock, then pull the grille forwards out of the aperture.

The headlamps are then released by pulling the two flat metal securing pins on the back of the lamp unit straight up. You may need to lever slightly with a screwdriver or similar to get them started. Once the pins are out, pull the whole headlight unit forwards slightly, disconnect the witing from the back of it, then just lift the whole unit out. Repeat for the other one and reverse to refit - simple.

As you refit the grille, ensure that the bottom locaters grip onto the trim.

Good luck.
Mondeo Lights for Continental Driving - Wales Forester
Oops - witing = wiring!
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Bikeboy, I enquired about this before my recent trip and Ford gave me a copy of a document entitled:

"Mondeo 2001 Table of Contents
Group 4 Electricals
Headlamp Masking - Vehicles Without: High Intensity Discharge Lamps."
The document then runs to 9 pages showing what to do.
I've got the sheets here in front of me now and they show which area of the headlamps to mask in explicit detail. I think this might be what you want for an extended period abroad. I'd happily send this document to you if you email me your address - I'll not be needing it anymore.

I have to confess that I was somewhat taken aback by the area of headlamp they were suggesting to black out and went with one of those diy kits which, for the same car, was suggesting a much smaller area. I figured for my holiday that if I made a token gesture then the police would not be that bothered (subsequently noticed that MOST british drivers didnt bother anyway).


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>have to confess that I was somewhat taken aback by the area of headlamp they were suggesting to black out

Yes I blacked out my neighbours mondeo. Its a strip from the middle of the light UP to the top. Most wierd

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