First new car - automaticallyuk

Need a new car, first time buyer. Don't want a second hand banger, etc.

The Toyota Yaris looks the best buy for me. A broker site has various models for sale.

Which one is best T2 1.0 to T3 1.3 ? or the diesel.

The 1.0 T2 seems a bargain at £6500 + free insurance?? (Saving around £500 premium)

Is it better to spend £6500 on the T2 than £7500 on the T3 1.3. All three doors versions BTW?

Anyone have a Yaris and care to comment on whether they are a good first car and suitable for a tall drivers, 6ft +.

Which model should I choose.

I am expecting the Yaris to be cheap to run, free and then low insurance, good mpg, reliable and hold on to a lot of it's value. I would rather have a good car that loses a few grand in three years than buy a banger that loses all it's value and costs £100's to repair and insure etc.

First new car - Vansboy
Lots of good things said about Yaris, but have you driven one - YOU need to feel 'right' in it.

Have a few test drives,in all the cars you may consider. & not just run around the block, then you'll get a better feel of the ones that suit you.

There'll be plenty of ideas, along in a minute.

Happy motoring!

First new car - jeds
I had a Yaris hire car in Cyprus last year and was very, very impressed. I am a bit more than 6 foot and had no problem at all - unlike most French cars which are too small (+ too noisy, too tinny, too squeaky etc.)

Be very careful with internet deals. I recently researched a new car and found that the deals are not always what they seem. For example, I found a car nearly £3k cheaper than the local dealer but after much reading of the small print I discovered that it did not come with any kind of radio, had only one year warranty as opposed to 3 years from the dealer, had different wheels, didn't have an alarm fitted and quite a few other differences. None of this was information the site gave, it just didn't mention any of these things so I emailed and phoned and asked specific questions. All the ommisions added up to about £3k

I did use the internet quotes to haggle with the dealer though and eventually got a deal I was happy with.
First new car - DavidHM
If the car comes with free insurance, it's almost certainly a UK car. Am I right in thinking that we're talking about ?

If so then you should have no worries about spec as the cars are UK supplied with UK warranty, offers etc.
First new car - bugged {P}
My sister has has her yaris since new, it is now 4 years old and she is hopefully going to replace with a new yaris,
the dealer has been amazingly helpful and really good to deal with.

The car itself has never even hinted about going wrong, breaking down or falling apart.

When she first got it, my parents and I all took the mickey out of her tinny japanese car with its tin can doors next to our big sturdy VW's but she was the last one laughing with the trouble ive had with my bug i can tell you!!!

My dad keeps harping on about mum getting rid of her polo and getting a yaris so he took them both to the showroom a few weeks ago and none of them could believe how much nicer they are now.

Really solid and study felling and great all round mum said.
I would strongly recommend the yaris to any body, the salesman could remember my dads and my sisters name after 4 years!!
(they went down to the garage in his car not hers!)
Now that impresses me!! My sister was away at uni and each time she came home she took it to the dealer to get this winter check thing where they check all the tyres and that kind os stuff for free!

Believe me VW do not give you ANYTHING for free!!!

She has really enjoyed her car and i think she her eyes set on the T-spirit as her next one!

Hope this helps!
First new car - Zak
What about a Saxo,Clio,Pug 106/206 or Fiesta?
First new car - Mark (RLBS)
Lets try and keep the responses something like sensible and differentiate between the Backroom and a Chatroom, at least to some degree.

It was, after all, a sensible question.


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