Track/driving days - Morris Ox
Picking up on a strand from the skidpan thread, I thought it would be interesting to hear people's experiences/recommendations of track days and driving experiences, which can be a valuable way of both learning about your abilities and how best to apply them (never mind the opportunity to let off a bit of steam far from the madding crowd).

I had a track day at Mallory Park a few years back which was great fund in saloons and a swift lesson in why-most-of-us-aren't-Michael Schumacher in Formula Fords. More recently I've had even more fun down at Prodrive's proving ground and tech centre finding out what an Impreza can really do (and why I'll never find the limit of it!).

But the most useful experience was courtesy of some contacts with the police, who took me on a watered-down road course (including pursuit) and gave me sometime in an old Scorpio on a skidpan. That taught me just how far I'd got to go in being a good road driver. The instructor's progress at speed was phenomenal and totally safe.
Track/driving days - spikeyhead {p}
Never been on a genuine track day, but had a few days out on dis-used airfields in my own Caterham.
This is an essential thing to do in any quick car that you own. Their is no other place to find out where the limits really are.
It is also the most fun to be had with your clothes on that doesn't involve risking life and limb.
All it needs is sufficient people with quick cars to rent the airfield for a day to keep the cost down, but not so many that the track gets crowded.
Give the car a thorough service before going, especially the brakes or these will fade quickly.
If you can find a spare set of wheels and tyres then it may save the problem of driving home with a worn set of tyres.

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Track/driving days - martint123
Be very careful - track days can get addictive and ought to carry a warning of same. Cadwell Park on a bike - wonderous.

Track/driving days - smokie
A mate of mine took his bike on one and overcooked it on a corner. He was badly shaken and staggered to the Armco, hopped over and didn't notice the 6ft drop on the other side till it was too late...

His bike also needed about £3k worth of repairs, not covered by his insurance...
Track/driving days - Douglas
Track days are fantastic. Most recent for me was at Jonathan Palmer's Bedford Autodrome. (Advertised in Autocar). Brilliant track with excellent tarmac surface, good variety of bends with plenty of run-off. You get 3 hours and it rained heavily half an hour before the end which was an interesting challenge.

Previously done the Porsche Experience, old concrete, wet and greasy, 911 was a challenge even in a straight line and I spun the Exige. The Lotus day at Hethel was great, lots of tuition and exercises building up to laps on the full circuit, spun there too! And worth remembering this is a test track Senna drove on.

Test days at Millbrook are worthwhile. Don't be tempted to drive too many cars. Concentrate on the interesting ones and pinch extra laps if you can. I liked the X-Type 3.0 Sport.

Go and enjoy.


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