Mondeo Coolant change - Mudguts
I intend to change the coolant on my Mondeo and was wondering if there is anything more to it than a drain and re-fill.

Also where is the best place to drain from and should I use de-mineralised water rather than tap water mixed with anti-freeze?

Anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance.
Mondeo Coolant change - Aprilia
Obviously don't know mileage/history - but if the present fill is 'dirty' then drain it, run a hose through for a while to flush. Then fill with clean tap water and run engine till hot.
Let it cool and fill with a 50:50 mix of a/freeze and demineralised water.
Mondeo Coolant change - Sooty Tailpipes
Yes, use a hose to flush clean water through, find the cooling system capacity and add 50% of that as neat antifreeze, then top off with water. This will prevent any 'ullage' from diluing the antifreeze.

Morrisons petrol stations do cheap 5 year red anti-freeze made by Texaco Havoline. (£1.99/litre)

If you live in a hard water area, use a Brita-type filter jug to fill a bucket with water that has had the minerals filtered out.

Mondeo Coolant change - DL
As joosisiqu says, be sure to use only the red (OAT based) antifreeze.

£1.99/litre is well cheap!
Mondeo Coolant change - Aprilia
Ha, there's a story here.

First off, only use the red (OAT) if that's what was in the engine originally. If it was regular antifreeze then you would need a thorough chemical flush prior to changing to red. Personally I would stick to the traditional EG antifreeze.

Second, there have been problems with Texaco OAT antifreeze in the US. Texaco supply GM, who market it as 'DexCool'. Do a web search on Dexcool and see what I mean! I think GM have a number of warranty problems with DexCool - there is a question mark over it.
Mondeo Coolant change - Eric355
According to the handbook of my 99 Mondeo 2.0 zetec, it says, change the coolant (red) after 10 years.

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