Help HJ develop this site - volvoman
I'm certain most of us are here because we like this place, have made good friends here and gained invaluable advice too. From time to time criticisms pop up and often these are ill considered, unfair and unhelpful.

There's a wealth of talent lurking here which could be harnessed constructively to develop this site - not only to keep HJ in his future retirement :-) and recompense Mark & DD for all their hard work, but to improve this place for all its users.

So, everyone, can we have sensible ideas and suggestions for helping HJ & Co to improve and develop this site. No grand, complex and costly schemes that are going to cause more headaches than they're worth - the simpler and easier the better.

Sometimes great opportunities are staring you in the face yet remain unseen. Likewise good ideas - the simple concepts that occur to us totally out of the blue yet change the way we do things. The sort of ideas that make you think "I wish I'd thought of that!"

Please don't anyone abuse or sidetrack this thread by simply criticising - that will help nobody and just create unnecessary bad feeling. If you have a constructive and hopefully workable idea please post it here.

Note to HJ - my intentions are totally genuine here and I hope something positive will result but if you feel such input is unlikely to be productive please just delete this thread and accept my apologies.
Help HJ develop this site - Mark (RLBS)
A good idea, but by e-mail please. Not in here.

E-mail to me in the first instance and I will pass on as appropriate.

Thank you for the thought.



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