Calling paintwork buffs!! - Cheeky

In my over enthusiastic efforts to eliminate or at least reduce a deep scratch on my Audi's paintwork, it looks as though I may have removed(?) the top lacquer coat thanks to rubbing to hard with scratch repair creams and TCut. The paint seems good, but its appearance now slightly dull compared to surrounding areas.

I have waxed and re-waxed using auto-glym with moderate success, however am wary about waxes having further 'cutting' properties. Does anyone know of a method or product which may help me out. I realise a body shop will be the only 100% cure, but don't want to shell out £££ until I know all is lost.

Size of affected area that of a small fist.

Any help really appreciated. I'm going off to cry...
Calling paintwork buffs!! - Godfrey H {P}
Best solution cut your loses and take it to somone like "Chips Away" who will fix it at less cost than a traditional body shop. I think any more DIY wiil end in more tears and cost. Just my 2P, I'm very wary of what I can tackle on a DIY basis.
Calling paintwork buffs!! - sean
Yes, the finish is base coat and lacquer and what you wrote is highly likely.

Most body shops have lacquer already in the paint kettles as many cars use this technique now.

It may cost you much less than you think.

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