Modeo - is this price OK? - novice
I've seen a Mondeo, diesel, 1.8TD - electric windows, electric mirrors, A/C, CD players, hand-free kit, in very good condition (new tyres, no scratches or dents), V reg, 103,000 miles on sale privately at £3,895. The guy selling it was very genuine, and he works at the same company as me (although we don't know each other) - I like the car, and am not concerned about the high milegae - it's a diesel, so 103K miles is not the end of the world. The car drives well.
What do you fellas reckon? Good buy?

Ideally, I'd prefer a Primera, or Vectra but there seems to be very few of these available as diesels, and the ones I've seen always have something dodgy about them (front-panel sticking out 1/2 an inch; dealer stating car has electric windows, when it doesn't, 'private' seller really a back alley trader. etc etc).

Modeo - is this price OK? - DavidHM
The diesel engine isn't great on a Mondeo of this age - but then Vectra diesels aren't necessarily reliable and the Primera engine is a dog too.

£3895 is within haggling distance of £3500, which is the most I'd pay for it.
Mondeo - is this price OK? - HisHonour {P}
Seems £3895 is what a dealer would ask for - too much for a private sale - no warranties offered?

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