Zx-Electric Windows / Sunroof Problem - StevenM
The electric sunroof on my 1991 Citroen ZX has been acting up lately(sometimes opening/sometimes not)but now it and the electric windows have packed in all together.The interior map reading light has also stopped working and upon checking the handbook discovered that all 3 items were on the same fuse.
Easy I thought,the fuse has blown probably due to the original fault on the sunroof,but upon checking found the fuse was OK.I changed it all the same but nothing is still not working. If it is not the fuse,why would all 3 items pack in at the same time.Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
Zx-Electric Windows / Sunroof Problem - Mike200
Sounds to me like a dodgy connector. Have you tried un-plugging, cleaning, and reconnecting any plugs?

Once cleaned, try smearing a little vaseline on the pins. This will help keep moisture away.
Zx-Electric Windows / Sunroof Problem - StevenM
Mike-thanks for that-I assume you mean the connector into the rear of the fuse box.
Zx-Electric Windows / Sunroof Problem - Mike200
Yeah sorry, should have mentioned which one I meant.
Citroen ZX Relay Sunroof Switch - StevenM
In a previous post I mentioned my electric sunroof and windows had stopped working at the same time on my Citroen ZX.
However they appear to have started working again,but only occassionally.
As I keep hearing a clicking,which I assume is the relay switch,could this be the problem.
Also are the windows and sunroof on the same relay and if so does anybody know the location in the car and how to identify the relevant switch.

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