Kia Sorrento - daverr
I require technical info on kia sorrento 2.5 Diesel engine
as much as you can supply, ie cam belt change intervals etc.
Kia Sorrento - Dynamic Dave
Have you checked HJ's car by car breakdown (in red menu bar to the left)

kia sorento technical info - daverr
I would like as much tec info on sorento as you can provide please just purchased one and would like to service my own
kia sorento technical info - Dave N
Why don't you take a look in the Service Book that comes with your car? It's the one that the dealer stamps when he services it. In there will be the schedule for everything and when it should be carried out.

As far as I know, Kia are one of the few maufacturers that will readily accept proof of servicing by someone other than their own dealer network, when it comes to warranty issues. But as it's got a 3 year warranty, and Kia charge the lowest labour rates, surely it's easier to get them to do the annual service, with you doing any extra oil changes etc in between.
kia sorento technical info - DavidHM
Dave - This website is populated by people who like, if not love, to help. However, I think your question is a bit too vague - no one is going to be able or willing to type out a whole service manual for you.

Plus you've just spent nearly £20k on a new car and are concerned about saving at best £200 a year on servicing. The possibility of pattern parts on this car is essentially zero for the next few years, and even then they won't be easy to find, so you'll be going to the dealer regardless.

I would save myself the hassle and pay up, although I probably would go for the over frequent oil changes as HJ recommends. Don't forget that at some point you're going to want to sell this car and few purchasers will accept that you know more than Kia's 17 year old Nova driving trainee; the facts here are irrelevant if you want to protect your resale value.

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