K-series rattle - Doc
I noticed this morning a rattle/knock when revved from my 1.4 K-series (8 valve)
Sounds like it is coming from the camshaft.
The noises goes when the engine warms up.
I am using 10w/40 GTX Magnetec for modern engines.

Is this noise normal, or should I start worrying?
K-series rattle - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Doc,

No disrespect to Castrol, but we have seen several cases of valve lifter problems on K-series with this oil. Suggest you introduce a flushing agent, then change oil and filter using either Texaco 10w/40 or Vauxhall 10w/40 semi-synthetic, and consider adding Forté Top End Treatment (call Forté on 024 7647 4069 to find nearest stockist)as this often cures problems with tired hydraulic valve lifters.

Regards, Adam
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K-series rattle - Doc
Thanks for your input Adam.

I must admit I have only noticed the noise since an oil change a couple of weeks ago.
Before I was using 10w/40 Unipart part synthetic with no problems.
I always use a Rover premium filter (GFE 26)
K-series rattle - DL
Piston Slap.......which is nothing to worry about.

As it disappears when warm, that confirms it.


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