Mondeo 1.8 TD (1998) - tighnaglais
Due to the recent hot weather the A/C did not seem to be working, so I had it checked. The system was recharged, I was told this was necessary. After a few miles it was apparent the A/C was not working. I took the car back to the garage and it is now necessary to change the A/C unit at a cost of about £570 incl VAT !!! Apparently it has a slight leak and will not hold pressure and as it is a throw away unit it cannot be repaired. The car has been serviced always by Ford and has never had the A/C serviced? Yet now I was told it should be re-charged every two years.

Any comments please?

Mondeo 1.8 TD (1998) - Blue {P}
A proper A/C expert will be along to help soon, but.... I've never heard of a standard system needing recharges every two years, they only lose about 10% of their gas a year. Will be interested to hear a proper answer!

Mondeo 1.8 TD (1998) - Pete F
I'm not quite an expert, but the system should never need recharging. Replacing the refrigerant is probably advisable every 4 or 5 years though. Leaks usually develop through lack of use between October and May. The system should be run at least once a month when the ambient temperature is above 4 deg C.
Mondeo 1.8 TD (1998) - tighnaglais
Is there a Ford or AC main firm which would be able to advise please.
Thanks, Tighnaglais
Mondeo 1.8 TD (1998) - fordfan
Did whoever re-charged your A?c not do a leak check for you before they re-charged your system?

My Escort's A/C gave up in the middle of August this year (hottest week) I called an A/C specialist called Andrew Doxey from the mansfield/shirebrook area. He performed the leak check and was able to tell me where the leak was so I could get it repaired before re-charge.

Also you can as previously stated by one of your other replies run your A/c through winter to provide drier air in the cabin and also demist quicker.

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