Motorcycle forum? - Thomo
Does anyone have a good link to similar motorcycle sites. I have a triumph sprint RS with poor lights, and want to upgrade them?
Motorcycle forum? - THe Growler
Thomo try Ronnie Cramer's site: that should give you some ideas. Especially the cult film section, although that may not help you with your bike's lights.

Incidentally I find US bike dealers far more switched and tuned in to bikers than UK ones. For the most part they do try harder. And these days with FedEx and DHL (my old outfit) shipment is a piece of you know what. My bike community is a pretty diverse lot make-wise and we get eeeevrything from the US, quick, simple, well-priced, pay on the Net, delivered to your door, all that, people who understand what you want and are nice to you.
UK seems to lack the latter in everything from banks to airlines.

Wondered for a minute if we were going to get a son of BR for mad hairy bikers with tattoos. Ah well Big G dream on.

What me, start one? It would look like : nice biker babe pix by the way.


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