Hard to value - DavidHM
Well these two certainly were. The Great Trade Centre is well known for shifting highish mileage, mainstream cars from 1 to 4 years old. Anything else and it doesn't really know what to do with them.

So what was it doing with these in stock:

A 96P Polo 1.4 Harlequin (the one with the body panels in different colours) with 6,600 miles on the clock (!) and, to judge from the plate, direct from Volkswagen UK


A 00X Ford Falcon 4.0 Ute (car dervied pickup, about the size of an Omega) from Australia with 26k that looked like it had been worked quite hard.

Amyone care to guess at the prices?
Hard to value - Jonathan {p}
The hurlaquin will be about 4499

the falcon about 5499

Am i right?

Hard to value - LongDriver {P}
Well done!

You looked at the website.

I personally wouldn't pay £499 for a Harlequin.
Hard to value - Jonathan {p}
Actually I didn't.

I did check out autotrader though (using the link below left).

I would have thought that a hurlaquin are the easiest car to get a new door for. Plus no-one will want to steal one.

Hard to value - sean
The Harlequin was loaded by the insurance companies, because it was rare and unusual.

We did one with teddy bear alloy wheels too.

These were really quite good. A teddy, with arms up and 4 wheel bolts.

They were often stolen. About £80 apiece, from memory.

If you look at the Harlequins, you will see that they are all the same. The colour on each panel never changes. This took a lot of work in production.

We would not want folks thinking any old door would fit. It had to be correct. TRULY.
Hard to value - THe Growler
If the Falcon ute has a decent nudge bar per the example below, doesn;'t have every crevice full of red dust and the price quoted is in AUD not GBP and it's got a dog in the back I'd consider it :+)> b****y oath mate.

Hard to value - Jonathan {p}
if the falcon is a 2000 year then it should look more like this than growler's

Hard to value - DavidHM
It's X-reg, but it's no later than MY1999 with a build date before June 99. Try here but don't be surprised if the bandwidth limit is exceeded:


I don't know why and I didn't realise until I clicked your link, but for some reason this truck actually has roots that go back to the late seventies.
Hard to value - king arthur
The thought occurred....business must be getting a tad difficult, if the Great Trade Centre has cars like these in?
Hard to value - DavidHM

If PoloGirl is worried about the paint matching on her car when it's repaired, she should take a look at this one...
Hard to value - mal
Just a thought,
How do they describe colour of the polo on the V5, red, blue, green, etc. etc. :)
Hard to value - smokie
Wasn't there something about this in a recent thread? Harlequin wasn't it?
Hard to value - DavidHM
This is the thread a couple of weeks ago; I just found one on eBay and thought I'd start it up again.

I'm good like that, me :-)
Hard to value - T Lucas
On V5 as 'multicoloured'.
Hard to value - PoloGirl

No fear - I wouldn't buy that - It's got five doors and screams "family car"!

Just a question though, as that ebay auction has now closed and the only bid on there was £4.99 - does that mean someone got a bargain?

Hard to value - Marcos{P}
I doubt it.
Hard to value - DavidHM
When I found it, it was up at £3k, so did someone get a bargain - I have to say, IMO, no.


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