Mazda 323 Steering hiss. Any ideas? - Mazda Owner
The power steering on my 2 year old Mazda 323 hisses once the car is warmed through and can be heard easily in the cabin. The noise occurs when turing the steering wheel a couple of degrees to the left - not even as far as full lock. Mazda has already replaced the steering rack but now refuses to admit that this is a problem - Mazdaa claim this is a characteristic of the 323 model. Any one out there that believes differently? There is no hiss when the car in cold.
Mazda 323 Steering hiss. Any ideas? - Hugo {P}
Both my Xantias do this.

I suggest you go to the dealer and compare it with others that they have.

Mazda 323 Steering hiss. Any ideas? - robZilla
Malfunctioning power steering pump?
Mazda 323 Steering hiss. Any ideas? - Dynamic Dave
This will get moved to Technical Matters later. DD
Mazda 323 Steering hiss. Any ideas? - expat
I have a 1999 Mazda 323. There is no hiss from the steering. Perhaps you could try taking it to a different Mazda dealer. This car has been great. The only two faults were the boot light didn't work and a rattle from the tailgate. Both fixed at first service. I have had it for nearly four years now and it has done 55,000 kms.

I live in Australia and the car was sold here as a Ford Laser. Same car just different badges. Ford don't sell them here anymore. They are importing the Focus instead. I rented a Focus for a month in the UK and didn't like it as much as the 323. The Focus handles better but that is its only advantage over the 323. The 323 interior is better especially its oddments storage. With the Focus the first time I went round a roundabout my glasses case shot off the little shelf under the dash and vanished under a seat. I was left looking for them in sunglasses in a car with a black interior. Couldn't take off the sunglasses. I'd be as blind as a bat without prescription lenses. All that they needed to do to cure that was to give the shelf a non slip finish or a rubber mat.

The 323 is much better assembled than the Focus. I don't seem to be the only person with that opinion. Ford are now advertising heavy discounts on "demo" Focuses. I think they are having trouble shifting them in Australia.

Sorry I can't help with the steering noise. Let us know what the outcome was when you do get it sorted.
Mazda 323 Steering hiss. Any ideas? - DL
I\'d compare your car with another UK car. Then I\'d see if there is indeed a problem or not.

I would have gone for the steering rack, but I see that has been replaced.

It could be as simple as a bulkhead grommet missing.......

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