Primera aircon - joe
Recently, I have experienced water dripping from one of the air vents (in the passenger\'s floorwell) in my Primera, while the aircon is working. Also, the aircon has lost much of its efficiency. Whereas 6 months ago it was icy cold, now it is barely cooler than the ambient air.

The car is 6 years old, and I know that aircon systems lose gas over time, but this does not explain the dripping water or the fairly sudden drop off in performance. What could have caused this?
Primera aircon - Dave N
Your evaporator drain is blocked, so the condensation overflows into the car.

Take a look on the engine side of the firewall to see where the 2 a/c pipes go through, Under these will be a little rubber pipe coming out from behind the dash, only about 2" long. This is where the condensation should come from. Stick a cable tie or something up there and give it a wiggle.

Need to check out the gas situation to see if it's low. If it's very low or empty, then you have a leak. But if it wasn't working very well, I don't understand why you should be getting a load of water in the car. As the a/c has to work to produce condensation.
Primera aircon - joe
Thanks Dave, that's great. I'll see what I can find out tonight.

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