Breakdown Direct - for small vehicles on - MisterMethane
Just visited as I was wondering how they manage to give such good value.

Ploughing through the terms and conditions it appears that the maximum vehicle height covered is 1.5m. This must rule out a lot of cars. As well as most mpvs ( including Berlingo and Kangoo ) even the humble Astra comes in at 1.510m. Gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonne though.

Do you think every mechanic is issued with a tape measure ?

The AA and RAC have no height restriction according to the t&cs on their websites

Have any of you ever been refused service when using any breakdown company or had your application turned down ?

Breakdown Direct - for small vehicles on - M.M

They are only cheap for limited folks/situations.

As they work on a "per car" basis rather than covering the person then for many folks they are very expensive.

For our "average" situation of a 10.5yr old car, 11 yr old car and Series Land Rover these guys would be £65 more for us than the RAC.

And of course they would refuse to deal with the Land Rover due to height??

Breakdown Direct - for small vehicles on - MisterMethane

I guess they are limiting their target market but it seems very small. I should have said that the Astra Estate is over the height limit - the saloon is under it. Maybe they don't want working vehicles with their associated higher mileages.

I wonder how many vehicles under 1.5m get anywhere near their 3.5 tonne limit


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