- M.M
Not like me to stray off motoring these days but....

Noticed the ad bottom left yet?

Those guys seem to have got to know each other real quick. Still if you've nothing else to do on a rainy day....

M.M - Brill {P}
I'm lost M.M... - M.M
Well when I posted there was an ad for a dating agency (I assume) on the site. Not a pop-up but an embedded one just below the Autotrader search on the left.

There were two photos, one of a lonely guy looking out of a window on a rainy day and the other of him and his new friend.

All clothed and decent but posed in a way that just amused me!

M.M - M.M
And to those that thought I'd gone bonkers in's back.

Now don't try and tell me those two guys are thinking anything about motoring.

M.M - Rob the Bus {P}
Hmm, I fear that you may have gone bonkers, MM. I have an ad for BMW in the place that you mention. Maybe it's targetted marketing and HJ has decided that you're the type of chap that would appreciate the ad that you see ;-)


Rob - M.M

Actually I worried along the same lines...was it a cookie enabled targeted ad? If so why should an internet profile of old Citroen and Land Rover sites single me out as sad and single looking for dates?? Is that the way it will go if I don't soon get a normal car?

My other thought was that it was something that only exists until you look for it...something in mythology like that isn't there?

Actually it did disapear immediately after I posted and was replaced by the BMW ad.

Perhaps in fact that large plate glass window is the BMW showroom and the big chap at the back is the salesman....and he's....err....clinching the deal.

I think we'll have to request HJ to fix it in place for a few hours.

M.M - Dan J
I've just realised I've been incredibly thick for a long, long time...

M.M = DW? - M.M

Ah so the carefully chosen persona, tilted a little more towards terse, did work for a good while then.


M.M - Paul Robinson
I don't have anything below the Autotrader Search on the left, so what does that say about me! - M.M

Obviously the profile cookie judges your life complete, apart from the possibility you may wish to browse the Autotrader Classic car section for a small fun "investment".

How are things in the world of posh clients and tax efficient Mercedes motors then?

M.M - Paul Robinson
My cookie profile may be blank as we have a new computer network here.

I'm still getting away with driving a Peugeot 406, am I still authorised for the Mercedes upgrade you granted me, or has that now lapsed?


Paul - M.M
>> I still authorised for the Mercedes upgrade you granted me, or has that now lapsed?

lol....Not only authorised but encouraged!

I'm waiting for the graphs* to cross so I can have my 1990s Td Estate in met blue. Will the lines ever meet?

*Their depreciation against my savings.


David - Paul Robinson

I might bring myself to spend 10K, what do you recommend?
Mercedes image - M.M
10K will take you about where I mentioned years(?) ago. You'll look like a guy that appreciates quality and style... but not someone making *too* much.

If I remenber it correctly anyway.

Mercedes image - Paul Robinson

As you say, it was a long time ago, I just wondered if anything else has now strayed into that price range that you think would be worth considering?
Mercedes image - M.M
Something of a gut feeling rather than extensive experience but I'd risk (if indeed it is a risk) a Rover 75 diesel with leather interior!!

Mercedes image - Paul Robinson
I'm not sure if I've got over the appalling experience we had with Rover SD1's tewnty years ago. It may haunt me for the rest of my life!
Mercedes image - M.M
Well when you were SD1'ng I was CX'ng...and I still happily buy the make.

Wonder if that says something about Citroens?

M.M - Dan J
M.M's pills! Where are M.M's pills?!! :)

Also definitely not getting this Match advert... - Chris White
Yep, same here.

I'm getting a BMW advert every time.

Maybe HJ can tell us if is actually advertised somewhere on here? - Marcos{P}
I saw the mentioned advert the other day but I haven't seen it since. - Brill {P}
M.M. you need to put more water with it!

(Actually I did see it this morning)

Stu. - harry m
yep it was there on my screen last night. - doctorchris
Sorry but the only picture on the left of this page is some dodgy geezer with dark glasses who I would not date if you paid me. - PhilW
Is this (MMs ad)the "one item remaining " which never loads on my computer no matter how long I keep the page open on this site?? - M.M
Hey's not just my ad....honest!

M.M - Mark (RLBS)
And that'll be enough, I think.

Thank you.


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