No Log book? - clachnacudden
Recently bought a peugeot 206 Diesel...12,000 miles on the clock from my local peugoet dealer.

No Log book or spare key were supplied with the car when I bought it but the dealer assured me they would be passed on to me by wednesday. It is now been over a week and depite several phone calls and 2 visits they are still not giving me a straight answer...

Any suggestions as to where I stand with them..can I threaten to return the car and demand my money back...?

No Log book? - Armitage Shanks{P}
Did you see the V5 (Logbook) before you agreed to buy the car? I think the garage will fill in details and you will get a new V5 from Cardiff with you named as the new keeper. If the garage did give it to you it wouldn't name you as the keeper and so wouldn't be too useful. You should have a second key, you should also have a credit card sized bit of plastic with the immobiliser code (essential for any work on the security system) and you should have the radio code too. Let us know how you get on, please!
No Log book? - Phoenicks
sorry i cant help, but i would be really interested in what to do if you have a car with no log book, as i went to the auctions on friday - lots of cheap cars but some with no log books.

Would you be able to request this direct from DVLA?

I wish you well tho clachnacudden. i would contact Peugeot Main Customer Services if no joy.
No Log book? - Ben03

if by "log book" you mean the v5, then the dvla will post it to you eventually, unless you never actually bought the car, in which case you have plenty of recourse against the dealer.

if you mean the hand book / service log, then good luck! if you didn't get the promise of this and the spare key in writing, I'm not sure how much you can do. Keep complaining loudly to them, and threaten to report them to Peugeot UK, trading standards, etc. As far as returning the car goes, it's your word against theirs, I'd imagine. Not very satisfactory.

Hopefully they just got mislaid when the car was transported between dealers or something, and will turn up soon.


No Log book? - Dan J
Sounds like they were giving you some unrealistic timings...

If there is no V5 it could take a few weeks for one to appear from the DVLA.

As regards spare key - I assume we're talking a nearly new 206 here? If so it'll likely have come from a leaseco or similar and their policy seems to be to retain spare keys at a central head office. Same thing when I bought my Vectra, spare key was posted to me [as promised] a few weeks afterwards.

Sounds like your main problem is your dealer's attitude.

Write down all your issues and go and discuss with the manager there. Do it calmly and politely but be direct and tell him what is is you find unacceptable and what you want him to do about it. Threatening car returns etc whilst however tempting won't get you very far...

Dan J
No Log book? - Wales Forester
My car had no V5 log book with it when I did the deal, luckily there was just over a month's tax left on the screen so this wasn't going to create too much of a problem.
The dealer gave me a V62 to fill in to apply for a new one, just in case the original didnt appear by the collection date.

As it happened, the original did appear by the time I picked the car up, and the new one i'd applied for only took 2 weeks to arrive.

The V62 is available online at;

No Log book? - flatfour
I bought a car from a garage I trusted, no V5 or log book, no mot, or tax, wrote to DVLA they sent me a form, filled it in and recieved V5 few weeks later. 6 months later when in the garage the owner said the previous owner had been in with an envelope of documents, now have original log, service manual all mot's tax disks and invoices.

My point is only trust people you know well, treat all others as charletons until proven otherwise!
No Log book? - clachnacudden
Thank-you all for your this stage I have sent a 'strongly worded' but polite letter to the general manager at the dealership whilst mentioning the trading standards federation they are a member of and of course Peugeot Uk.

Let's see what happens,

Thanks again,

No Log Book?..continued - clachnacudden
A little while back I posted a question to the \'panel\' with regards to a missing service/Log book,spare key for a 1 year old peugeot 206 which was purchased from the \'franchised\' dealer- that incidently assured me would be in my hand by wednesday of last week-. As you may have already guessed my dilema has not moved forward at all, in fact thanks to contributions from this forum it has came to my attention other \'essential\' items are missing most notably the security card for the car even such a simple thing as the jack!.

Made worse by the fact that everyone at the dealership from the secratery to the general manager has ignored my 2 visits, 5 phone calls and letter. Now I am not a nasty fella (far from it) but I am growing into one and part of the reason I write this is because no-one other than yourselves appears to give a monkies since my money has been paid. So it is off to various other legal and trading standards agencies I go to deal with something which is a relatively minor inconvience compared with some stories I have read in here.

But if nothing else let it serve as a minor warning to not get carried away when buying a shiny new (used) car and get all this sort of crap before you buy...I ALSO THOUGHT BUYING A CAR WAS FUN!!!!

No Log Book?..continued - DenisO
You may already have the jack. It is located inside the space saver spare wheel which is hung under the back of the car. The wheel brace is inside the boot ticked away in the rear panel. You use that to undo the bolt in the boot floor to lower the spare wheel holding mechanism. That's the security to stop scrotes nicking your spare although why anyone would want to nick a space saver is beyond me.
Sorry to hear about your other probs. I'd suggest you go straight to Pug HQ and give them a roasting.
No Log Book?..continued - clachnacudden
No Jack I am afraid mate or wheel brace (already looke..after much trouble)...I suspect the car was stripped of all the goodies and given to another car on the lot???

No Log Book?..continued - clachnacudden
No Jack I am afraid mate or wheel brace (already looked..after much trouble)...I suspect the car was stripped of all the goodies and given to another car on the lot???

No Log Book?..continued - Andrew-T
I have had this change of attitude which coincides with the closure of a deal, from what appeared to be an uppish-market independent specialist in sports-type cars. Once car has been driven off the lot, acknowledge as rarely as possible. It may depend on how far away the purchaser lives - in my case it was over 60 miles - they probably felt fairly safe. I didn't have any complaint about the car, just the paperwork.
Log Book dilema..nearly over - clachnacudden
Some of you may have read my earlier thread with refrence to a missing service book, spare key, security card from my 1 year old Peugeot 206 (bought from a franchised dealer.) Despite many phone calls, visits and 2 letters (discussing my rights)the dealer has finally agreed to replace all the above items.

*order service history (claims on warranty)-Certify all work to date
*cut my car key and replace with spare, replace immobiliser code/security card.
*handbook free of charge
but most importantly apologise....(I have it all on my answer machine)

but why the merry go round...?stupid!

Log Book dilema..nearly over - matt35 {P}
Why not send them an invoice for your time and expenses?
I took a bit off Royal Bank of Scotland for a screw up, more off the Muppets in MFI and more off the nutters who send you plates you don't want - gave it all to my 35 orphans in Egypt - in cash...paid for running the place for a few weeks.
Educate them for the next victim they mistreat!
(PS - if you are an Aberdeen supporter - ignore my advice! - Govanite.)
Log Book dilema..nearly over - clachnacudden
Aberdeen supporter now there's a laugh..thanks for the advice I'll think about it...;)

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