Volvo 480T broken Cambelt - at480t
Yesterday I had my cam belt break accelerating away from a junction in a Volvo 480 Turbo. There was no significant bang - total loss of power (of course)- What damage and costs, am I likely to face? Should I expect to require a new engine / or extensive man-hours?
Volvo 480T broken Cambelt - DavidHM
Apparently so. A quick google reveals that the Renault 1721 cc engine is an interference engine if it breaks, so you're looking at either a total top end rebuild or a new engine.

If the rest of the car isn't mint, it's possibly time to scrap it even, depending on its age.
Volvo 480T broken Cambelt - daveyjp
Sit down before reading this:

Ford Fiesta 1.8D cam belt tensioner failed while idling - cost to fix £900 (Gulp).
Volvo 480T broken Cambelt - Hugo {P}
Replacement engine from Universal parts - I think.

Volvo 480T broken Cambelt - J Bonington Jagworth
Ooh, that's a shame. You might get away with a recon cylinder head - depends what it looks like when you take the existing one off...

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