'Temporary' use of car in Ireland - LHM

I may be offered a short-term contract working in Ireland (Republic of), for about six months. If I decide to take my current UK-registered car with me, does anyone know for how long I can use it before it would require Irish plates?

\'Temporary\' use of car in Ireland - Dwight Van Driver
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Some useful information at:


As to Insurance, I presume EEC rules apply and you will be covered but best have a word with your Insurance Company itself to take out an Insurance itself if you know what I mean. Bejazuz.(An authorative statement in writing from them that it is OK)

Driving Licence, again I would suspect EEC rules will click in and your UK Dl will cover you. To be on the safe side again its a matter you can take up with the Irish Authorities on arrival of beforehand at The Irish Embassy.

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'Temporary' use of car in Ireland - Dwight Van Driver

Should have mentioned above that it may well be prudent that you have 7 months Excise Licence left from date of departure UK to Eire if you are only going for 6 months and fetching the vehicle back.

This will save a lot of bother in relation No current Excise displayed over there and SORN over here.

'Temporary' use of car in Ireland - Cliff Pope
This will save a lot of bother in relation No current
Excise displayed over there and SORN over here.

That's an interesting point DV. Does this mean it is theoretically possible (indeed obligatory) to have the same vehicle SORNed in one country and taxed in another?
'Temporary' use of car in Ireland - LHM

Thanks for the info - could you please check your link, as it comes up with a 'file not found' message :-(

'Temporary' use of car in Ireland - Dynamic Dave
LHM, I've sorted DVD's link - should work now. I had to remove the full stop at the end.
'Temporary' use of car in Ireland - Dwight Van Driver

Obliged. I will learn eventually

D and C.P.

I mentioned the SORN aspect as the law requires that if the Excise Licence expires then SORN has to be declared irrespective or not of the use of a public road. Failure to do so is an offence period. The vehicle is not being exported permanently and will be temporary out of the country so will still be on DVLA books, nor its owner a non resident of UK. . Declaring SORN (free) if the licence expires in Eire could save a lot of hassle this side of the pond. It may well be that as a result of seeking the advice of DVLA that this will not be necessary.

Further, a current Licence maintained cuts out SORN, the possibility of being pulled by the Garda through an expired Licence on display in Eire and liability to Vehicle Registration Tax there and being prosecuted for not having one on return to UK and driving home.

As I have said in complicated cases I am a believer in contacting the relevant Authorities direct for their interpretation and if the wheel does come off then you have some fireproof backing.



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