Renault Manual Dilemma - chris j catton
I have over the years owned Triumph, MG, Rover, Ford, and 4 Jaguar cars. Having always been something of a do-it-yourselfer and an engineer anyway, if repair or maintenance has not needed specialist equipment or when ingenuity has not prevailed, I have used an engineer, but always had the workshop manual at hand. When I advanced to a relatively new XJS there came a need to use a bona fide Jaguar agent on a number of occasions, sometimes resulting in mis-diagnosis costing loads of money for no result, long story. Many problems I was able to sort, helped of course by the Jaguar Workshop Manual.
I have now had my fling and reverted to a 'normal car', a Renault Laguna (1998), but unlike the other makers, Renault are unable to provide a Workshop Manual and it appears would always have been resistant to providing them to mere car owners who supposedly don't understand these things.
After my experiences with Jaguar I am very confident owners can easily know a lot more about their vehicle than the manufacturer or their agent. A manual of course is a major asset, engineers in workshops do sometimes have to make reference, so why do Renault have to be different, they are seemingly denying me the opportunity to maintain and/or repair my vehicle.
Somebody out there must have one going spare or at a price, because Renault certainly havn't.
Re: Renault Manual Dilemma - andy bairsto
Haynes do a good manual for this vehicle order no 3252 14,99ukp at
Re: Renault Manual Dilemma - Dave N
I'm afraid this is afflicting VW/Audi now. No factory manuals for sale. Bear it in mind next time you nuy a new car.

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