Vauxhall Vectra Diesel overheating - Vectra Diesel
Hi folks, please help, I am really puzzled.

About 4 weeks ago my 2.0DI Vectra started running hot, gradually it got worse, until it eventually was undriveable. I checked for mixing of fluids etc but seamed ok, I replaced the stat, but no joy. But any hint of a hill or acceleration it would get really hot.

I changed the head gasket, and checked for visual signs of cracks on the head and block, and also for warping with a dial mic, and everything seamed fine. Put the head back on, with new bolts, tightened down correctly etc, but it still ran hot.

I have had the rad out and flushed it, and everything was fine, took the matrix out and that was fine. I have tried using a flushing agent but no joy. There still doesnt seam to be any mixing of fluids etc, but when the engine is say running at 100c, sometimes the air from the blowers is scortching, and sometimes is cool.

Any comments and suggestions would be great on this folks as I have now had enough!!
Vauxhall Vectra Diesel overheating - RichardW

Could be an air lock also, that might account for sometimes hot/sometimes cold on the heater.

Is it really overheating, or is it just the gauge telling you it is?

Have you checked for a hose that has collapsed internally, or is getting flattened on the suction to the pump (rad bottom hose)?


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....


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