Where Can I Get Nokian Tyres? - robZilla
Does anyone know where I can get Nokian tyres in the UK?
Where Can I Get Nokian Tyres? - Harmattan
Assuming you have looked at the company's website, you will have seen there are from memory only 2-3 outlets listed in less than populous bits of the UK. I bought four for a friend's Mercedes S-class about a month ago through www.mytyres.net and they took two days to arrive from Germany. Incidentally, if you want tyres for a Merc choose the ones with RF after the type name. I e-mailed Nokian about the S-class and got that recommendation back.
Note also that Nokian summer tyres are apparently strictly that and not so good in snow for which the Finns use winter versions with much softer rubber.
Where Can I Get Nokian Tyres? - robZilla
Thanks David, I tried all the UK outlets listed on their website but none could supply the size I need (195/65/15). I just wondered if anyone knew of another source.

UPDATE >> found a firm in ROI who have the tyres, so now just a question of whether they will ship over here..

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