Subaru Legacy - Owner Experience - Chas{P}
Just read HJ CBC Breakdown on this model and, in theory, seems quite a good bet as a used 3 year old buy.

The 4WD and low range would be useful for occasional towing plus estate car practicality.

Do any of the BR community own one, or know of one, and if so what has their experience been.

I'm mainly interested in fuel economy, handling, reliability and any horror story catastrophic failures of major components.

Thanks in advance

Subaru Legacy - Owner Experience - Stargazer {P}

Check the Q car thread of a few weeks ago....I put in my economy numbers then.

I owned a 2.5l Outback for 3 years (1998-2001) so the current shape car while living in Australia. Fantastic car, but petrol and insurance were cheaper and spares easier to get hold of than here...not that I required any. I had the car from new, and sold it on to a collegue when I returned to the UK, he hasnt had any problems in the past two years.

Great handling, comfort, practicality, fuel economy middling if used on long trips, could be poor if used for commuting.

Low range only on the manual, hill holder clutch requires getting used to....I never saw the point myself.

My car came with climate control AC...essential in Oz and worked very well.

I havent driven the 2.0l standard estate so cant comment on that, but the 2.5l standard estate was much like the Outback but with less roll and ground clearance.

Any specific questions?


Ian L.
Subaru Legacy - Owner Experience - Stargazer {P}

Try typing 'subaru legacy' into the site search window, it finds many references including the Q car thread, reviews from John Regin in the BR archive plus others.


Ian L.
Subaru Legacy - Owner Experience - Chas{P}

Many thanks for your feedback. I have also just read John Regin's review which was very informative.

Kind regards

Subaru Legacy - Owner Experience - Jonathan {p}
My IFA has the 3.0 H6 estate and loves it. He is a committed subaru fan though. He uses it off road too and has never had any problems with it.

Subaru Legacy - Owner Experience - nick
I have had a 2000 Legacy 2 litre GL saloon since early this year. It had 55k on it when I got it and now has 73k. A friend has an older (96?) estate. I'd thoroughly recommend them. I get low 30's mpg and have had no problems at all. It handles brilliantly, feeling really safe with little roll on bends. I looked at and tried Avensis, Mondeo and Primera when considering what to buy and the Legacy felt in a different class.
I pay around £375 for fully comp insurance (full NCD, Lincolnshire). Parts prices are relatively expensive but you shouldn't need them very often. I do the servicing myself, oil changes are an absolute doddle and everything you are likely to need to get at (starter, alternator, clutch slave cylinder, gearbox dipstick etc) are easily accessible thanks to the flat four design. So even if you have the work done, the labour charge shouldn't be too bad. My local Subaru dealer charges about £40 per hour I believe but I would tend to use a local independant I trust.
Cam belts are said to be reliable and I have heard tell that in the unlikely event of a breakage, the valves don't meet the pistons, so no damage. Can anyone confirm or deny this please?
I like them so much I'm tempted by an Impreza WRX as well but I'm not sure I'll suit a baseball cap.
Subaru Legacy - Owner Experience - Stargazer {P}
Just a quick note, from Car magazine August 03 issue, the new Legacy has a brief review and some piccies.

Available November 2003, and more interestingly they are finally considering importing the 2.0 Turbo Legacy a year or so after the initial launch.

Ian L.


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