renault clio dti erratic acceleration - tone1
Appreciate advice - similar experiences with this engine? - on the latest to go wrong with my 46k clio diesel.

Any medium to heavy pressure on the accelerator results in increased revs and engine noise but doesn\'t translate into speed. Almost like a cranky old automatic - you know when your\'re waiting for the gear to engage and set off. Easing off the accelerator drops the engine noise several decibels.

This most occurs accelerating in 4th abd 5th between 50 to 70 mph. Also - and it may be me - the turbo isn\'t whistling as much as it use to.

It\'s had belts changed at 44k, but at the full service at 36k they filled it with 10/30 oil instead of 10/40. Surely oil can\'t make this big difference?!

And I\'m due to drive to cornwall from yorkshire on friday - should I be worried??

renault clio dti erratic acceleration - Mark (RLBS)
Sounds like a slipping clutch.

At standstill, put your foot on the clutch. Put the car in 3rd gear.

Let go of the clutch - don't ease off, let go.

If the engine does not stall immediately, its the clutch.
renault clio dti erratic acceleration - tone1

Thanks for the advice - I've just been out to test as you suggest. It didn't stall immediately but after around 10ft of travel - would you say this is the clutch?

I'm obviously a bit dim when it comes to clutches but will a slipping clutch occur at 70mph in 5th?

renault clio dti erratic acceleration - DavidHM
It could do. It's probably not slipping as badly as it could be - sometimes clutches go very suddenly and you can't miss it, other times, a gradual slipping could manifest itself at that speed.
renault clio dti erratic acceleration - Mark (RLBS)
first, sorry I missed the bit about keeping your foot on the brake. A good clutch will stall the engine immediately. A slipping clutch will still stall the engine, usually, but not instantly.

A slipping clutch manifests itself when loading the engine. This is most noticable going up a steep hill in 5th rather than 3rd, accelerating in a high gear, and things like that.
renault clio dti erratic acceleration - tone1
Again thanks for the advice - what you describe is exactly the problem I have, i.e. loading the engine results in loss of momentum. Will take it tomorrow to my local clutch specialists.

I wil let you know how I got on.

Many thanks.
renault clio dti erratic acceleration - tone1
As promised straight round to the clutch specialist who confirmed your diagnostic. Managed to get the car into a renault dealer - as I maintained (and supported by the clutch specialist) that 47k is far too young for the clutch to fail and therefore I'm looking at warranty rather than ££££. If this fails I'm loking at open heart surgery on the wallet to the tune of £600.

This is approx 10% of the value of the car and looks bonkers to me, but then it's also just over two trips by first class rail from leeds to london so I suppose its all relative.

renault clio dti erratic acceleration - enigma2
I have driven Clio's for years now (diesel and petrol) and I find the fact that your having to replace the clutch at 46K surprising. How many folk actually drive your vehicle? That is a prime contender for clutch trouble!!

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