Law - child seats in the front - CM
Could any BRer give me some advice on the legality of having a child seat in the front?

Thanks in advance

Law - child seats in the front - Ian (Cape Town)
I don't know the law, but wouldn't advise it, what with Airbags etc.
I know some cars have warnings NOT to use kiddie seats in the front for this very reason.
Law - child seats in the front - CM
Ian, ta. Forgot to mention that there aren't any air bags.

Also if I had to put one seat in the front, would it be best to put my eldest in the front in his forward facing seat or youngest who is still in a rear facing one?
Law - child seats in the front - RichardW

See the highway code:

Basically must wear a restraint, but no min age or size requirement for front seat.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Law - child seats in the front - Mark (RLBS)
From most safe to least safe...

Back middle
Back left
Back right
Front passenger
Front driver

Aside from anything else, putting a child in the front means putting them in the second most dangerous seat in the car.

I always feel better with children in the back, and frankly its a lot less distracting as well.

If you've no choice, then I would assume that a good quality rear-facing seat would be more supportive in the event of an accident and therefore perhaps safer.
Law - child seats in the front - Dwight Van Driver

Go to:

and all that you wish to know should be at Sections 14 and 15.

Law - child seats in the front - Dwight Van Driver
.... or even

for a more sensible interpretation.


Law - child seats in the front - CM
DVD et al,

Thanks for all the input. That is sort of what I suspected(although DVD your first link over heated my poor brain!!).

Law - child seats in the front - Vin {P}
Interesting point here on how statistics and the perception of risk can sometimes clash.

I read (in the Telegraph, I think) a counterintuitive view on car seats for kids. A rear facing child seat in the front of a car is pretty certain to kill or seriously injure a child in it. However, someone argued that a child in the back in such a child seat is more likely to result in the driver taking their attention completely off the road resulting in an accident. The conclusion was that there would be fewer deaths if kids were put in the front seat than if they were put in the back.

Note that I don't advocate this and don't know the facts behind the conclusion, but it's an interesting view.

I think the best solution is to have the kids in the back and ignore them for safety's sake. Ahh, an excuse at last.

Law - child seats in the front - J Bonington Jagworth
"fewer deaths if kids were put in the front seat"

That seems reasonable to me, as long as they are forward facing. My youngster (5) loves travelling in the front and therefore requires less attention. It's also easier to hold a conversation and to point things out to each other. Better all round, IMHO.

(My now grown-up daughter learned to change gear that way, too!)


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