Rolling road setup - Bill Doodson
Hi again folks,

Does anyone know of a rolling road setup in West Yorkshire where I can get my 2.5 Mondeo sorted out? The poor fueling is driving me crazy, when I take my foot of the go pedal it contiues to rev for about 5 seconds before slowly reducing to "normal".

Thanks in advance.

Re: Rolling road setup - Mark
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wrong thread

see one below

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I doubt a rolling road session would help - David Lacey

As this problem (well known, sometimes referred to as idle hang-up) happens during the return to idle phase, a rolling road session would be ineffective.

There must be a Ford TSB about this fault, many other manufacturers have been afflicted by the problem! I know the Ford Zetec engine in the Focus has been affected - a manifold and thrittle body change is the cure??

Firstly, check the throttle cable has adequate free-play, and that any cruise control 'bits' are not fouling the linkages.
Check that the throttle spindle (connected to the throttle cable) moves freely and returns to the closed position smoothly.

Other than that, a decent tune-up guy with the appropriate code reader should be able to interpret the Engine ECU and check for faults. I'm not sure of the setup, but is there an air bypass valve on this engine? If so clean it out with petrol, this sometimes cures this problem - as seen on many Vauxhalls.

Otherwise, an hour or so at the friendly Ford dealer *might* be money well spent? (Unless they've already looked at it 4 times!)

Perhaps Adam (Tune-up) can offer his advice?

But, seriously, the rolling road will not help in this case. Rolling Roads were very useful when setting up multiple carburettor setups back along, but there is very little you can adjust today to gain more power. All been taken over by computers and electronics, I'm afraid.

Other than that, Bill, dump the car and drive a Diesel! ;-)


Re: I doubt a rolling road session would help - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
All sound advice David.

Also check throttle position switch (potentiometer) and airflow meter (or MAP sensor) outputs.

Regards, Adam
Re: I doubt a rolling road session would help - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Spot on. the hanging up you are experiencing is normal and cannot be tweaked out. Is it really hanging up for 5 seconds?!? If so then that is excessive but the car will not return to a normal idle (8-900 rpm) until the vehicle is stationary. If the extended hang up is only at the kerbside, in neutral, then I wouldnt worry too much but if it is doing it while driving then some investigation is required.

Re: I doubt a rolling road session would help - Bill Doodson

Many thanks for your reply. I would love to get hold of a Passat TDI but I now have too much money in this car with its new engine and clutch (see much earlier thread) to be able to change at the moment.


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