Mondeo 1.8TD G/Box oil change? - SteveH
Hi All,
I've noticed after driving 20 miles or more that changing gear starts to become more difficult. It gives the impression that there is no/low oil, a sticky/stiff feel which takes more effort to select each gear.
Second gear selection in particular is a bit dodgy most of the time, and requires care to avoid graunching noises, especially under hard acceleration.

There is a good level of oil but I am wondering if, as its probably been in there for 10 years/124,000 miles, it has less lubricating effect.

Ford say you should never need to change it, so is it something more (mechanically) serious?

What oil should be used if a change is recommended?,Do I have to use FMT?. It,s a 1993 model (with no extraneous noises from gearbox).

Any ideas?
Many thanks

Mondeo 1.8TD G/Box oil change? - IanT
The fault on my 306 was the other way round - difficult to change from 1st to 2nd when the engine was cold and getting easier as things warmed up. In my case, changing the gearbox oil made little difference, but lubricating the gear linkage joints helped a lot.

Mondeo 1.8TD G/Box oil change? - Blue {P}
Despite what Ford say I actually noticed a huge improvement in my first Fiesta when the gearbox oil was changed, it made gear selection a fair bit smoother...

Sorry I cant be more help than that!

Mondeo 1.8TD G/Box oil change? - M.M

Can't check at the moment but you may have the MT75 gearbox that needs its own special oil so make sure before you get some to do the change.

What's special about it...don't know...can you get away with normal oil...don't want to risk trying so always fork out for the correct stuff.

Mondeo 1.8TD G/Box oil change? - SteveH
Thanks for this info.
It is a MTX-75 type box, but my local oil shop says to put in synthetic 75w/90 oil £19 for 4.5 litres(which smells like a high level of sulphur and is a long way from ATF type....
Is FMT oil even more expensive?
I,m loathe to spend a lot of money on oil, if its not going to solve the stiffness problem.
Is there a number for Ford technical?
Mondeo 1.8TD G/Box oil change? - SteveH
found this while trawling about....

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