Alloys for 2001 Corolla - conor
Im looking to add a set of alloys wheels to my 2001 corolla but am not willing to pay for new ones from Toyota. Ive been told that there are places that sell alloys that may have ones for sale second hand.

Any one know where these places might be?
Alloys for 2001 Corolla - Dynamic Dave
Have you tried ebay?
Alloys for 2001 Corolla - conor
yep i have, nothing...

worth a try

Alloys for 2001 Corolla - DavidHM
You could try breakers' yards, but the problem is then that these will have come off cars that have had major impacts (big enough to write off a 2 year old car) and they may well not be sructurally sound.

Also, you will have to tell your insurer and this may load your premium by up to 25%.

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