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306 wipers not parking - Mapsimus
Hi everyone, I have a question from a work colleague who?s not on the ?net. His Peugeot 306 wipers do not ?park? when switched off (they just stop where they are at the time)

He was advised to try another wiper motor, and has tried three separate motors off the shelf from a local breakers yard ? neither of which has made any difference. I know it?s possible, but surely they can?t all be faulty. He has now visited his local Main Dealer, who ran a check ? and say he needs a new wiper motor! (The price from them is £150 plus fitting & vat)

Is there possibly a fuse to try first? Is there such a thing as a ?self park relay??

I would be grateful for any help.

306 wipers not parking - Cheeky
Has your mate tried adjusting the wipers themselves? I remember trying to do just that on an old Montego (urggh!) some years back, as they weren't sweeping enough of the screen. For some reason after this adjustment they cleaned more of the screen but refused to go back to the park position.
306 wipers not parking - Mark (RLBS)
There is a whole 'nother circuit for the parking bit. I suggest you start connecting bulbs between the live wires on the wiper motor and earth and find out which one is not working.
306 wipers not parking - Victorbox
Although your colleague's Peugeot symptoms do sound like the wiper motor, when my Cavalier's wipers wouldn't park it was a relay in the fusebox. I think it controls the intermittent wipe and screenwash as well.
306 wipers not parking - Altea Ego
There is a position switch (park) in the motor housing and a relay has its hold in the game. Usually the postion switch wears out, so everyone (pug dealer)plumps for that first. However having had three motors its not likely to be that So go for the relay and or wiring problem. (you should be able to hear a click just before or at park) no click no working relay.
306 wipers not parking - Chaz
I have similar problem with my P reg 306. I suspect the relay is at fault but am unable to locate it in order to test it. I have checked the main fuse and relay box above the driver's footwell and have checked the fuse and relay box under the bonnet but it isn't any of those. Can anybody tell me where it is. My 306 is the older type.
306 wipers not parking - Mapsimus
Thanks guys, some ideas for my mate to try. I am pretty sure it's not the fact that the wiper arms are out of adjustment, as they park in a different place each time.

I tend to agree with the relay being faulty, or I heard tonight that there is a fuse for that actual system which tends to blow regularly in frosty weather (extra load I assume)

Thanks again.

306 wipers not parking - Peter D
There is an ignition on feed to the motor that you will have to identify. If that is OK then use a resistance meter and probe the same contact on the motor body to ground if this is open circuit ( high resistance ) with the wiper blade positioned half way up the windscreen then I am afraid the contact is away. Regards Peter
306 wipers not parking - DL
I'd put my money on it being the motor - who knows - those three you tried could well have been faulty!

Never seen any other wiper-related faults on 306's
-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
306 wipers not parking - 659FBE
I'd put my money on the relay - the later Valeo types had inadequately sized contacts which resulted in the normally closed pair developing high resistance. These contacts carry the parking current, and high resistance here will result in erratic parking, as the motors use regenerative braking.

The relay is blue, but I can't help you with its location on the 306. Try and find an earlier Cartier type (also blue) which is a much better job - the breakers yards are full of these on old French cars. Otherwise, the black Hella units fitted to VWs and clones are also OK. Luckily, all the wiper delay wash/wipe relays have the same pin out.


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