MK2 Golf rear number plate lights - Sarb11
Neither of my rear number plate lights are working on my mk2 golf (1990, 1.3). I tried changing the bulbs but this has not made any difference. I dont think its a fuse or relay because it would affect the normal lights which are fine.
The haynes manual is not much help although after studying the wiring diagram there is a "2-pin connector, left of boot" mentioned which is before the bulbs in the diagram. I think this might be worth checking although I haven't found it yet. Any ideas on where this connector is or what the problem may be?
MK2 Golf rear number plate lights - Hugo {P}
I don't know the car but is there a contact plate on the boot, where it meets the opening?

If so, this may be a problem.

If there is a wiring loom from the tailgate to the body just make sure there are no kinks in it, where repeated stress may have made it go open circuit.

A great technique I have found to establish the location of a fault is to get a little circuit tester that can make a pin prick in the insulation, put the wire with a crock clip on the earth point of the bulb holder and work back over the loom away from the tailgate until you get a reading.

Also, check your earth connection on your tailgate, if there is one.

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MK2 Golf rear number plate lights - cholin
Had the same trouble on my Golf (Driver). There are connectors under the left-hand side panel in the boot. But the fault was in the earth return somewhere in the loom between the lights and the earth point near to these connectors. Couldn't locate it so tapped into the earth lead near where it entered the bulb socket and earthed it to a vacant lug on the body of the rear screen wiper motor. Problem solved. Don't earth the live side!
MK2 Golf rear number plate lights - Sarb11
Problem solved. Near the boot hinges the wires pass through a black rubber hose. Over time opening and closing the boot the the wires must have broken down. Replaced wiring in that section and everything is now fine.

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