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Hey there backroomers. been reading this site for a while - excellent stuff.........

Anyways, getting to the point:

I have a 92 Escort with 15 inch alloys(they were on it when i bought it) currently running with Nankang EX500 205/50r15.
These are starting to show the signs of hard and fast driving, and not being the mosy knowledgeable when it come to motors i need some advise on what to replace them with....

I did some reading on this site so WILL NOT be going with Pirelli!!!

however after scouring the net (and reading chris longhurst's site)ive found some contestants that could be up for the job, and look F'ing mean, which is important(!!, and are 205/50r15

The chosen few are(in order of meanness):

Viking Millenium www.viking.co.uk
Viking Protech 500
Bridgestone potenza re720
Goodyear eagle NCT 5
Bridgestone potenza re50

The Vikings are the first choise but i cant find much info on them in relation to hard/soft compound, noise etc etc

im not worried about the cost at the mo, althought bridgestone 720 are going for £62.04 each at www.topgear.co.uk. Not as expensive as 1st made out.

I would appreciate any views/recommendations


What rubber? - Gazza
You can add Yokohama A539 and Toyo R grooved-slicks onto your list.

A539s are relatively cheap and grip hard in dry, but dry only. A few Elise drivers in Germany recommended using A539. I had them on my Mondeo and they were very grippy. The wear index I believe is ~140. (FYI, A539 is the control-tyre for a lot of production car championships. It is also assymmetric so it looks mean.)

My other set was Toyo R. It was directional and the grooved was around 3-4mm. The wear index is 60 so it is even more grippy than A539 and looks meaner but will wear out in 3000 miles.

Out of your list, I would pick RE720. You make your choice.

What rubber? - Morris Ox
Just bear in mind Dave, that your car isn't worth a fortune and, while you say you're not bothered about price, splashing out on some expensive branded rubber for an 11 year-old car isn't a sensible investment.

Putting 2003 technology on to a 1992 car isn't exactly making the most of what you've got, so I'd be tempted to go for a value-for-money brand. May not wear quite as well as something more expensive, or have identical on-the-limit characteristics, but unless your name's Schumacher I wouldn't have thought that matters.

I really wouldn't bother with Goodyear, Bridgestone etc in this situation. As long as it's got the E mark and has the right rating shop low.
What rubber? - mmm-five
How about www.mytyres.net by price:

BF Goodrich Profiler for £50

Yokohama for £57

As you\'ve said the Bridgestone 720 for £61

but if you want better grip the go for the Bridgestone RE040 instead for £62

Goodyear Eagle Ventura for £65

Continental PremiumContact for £66

Michelin Pilot Exalto for £76

Vredestein SportTrac for £83
What rubber? - mmm-five
And nearly forgot these:

Yokohama A022 for £69

Goodyear F1 GSD-2 for £75

Bridgestone S-03 Pole Position for £79

Michelin Pilot Sport for £93 (gulp - but very good and mean looking)

mmm-five, I have amended your links, as the way in which you did it takes people away from this site. The way I have done it opens a new browser window, but keeps the HJ browser window intact. Please refrain from doing this again in the future. DD.
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In the Auto Express tyre test, the Uniroyal Rallye 540 just pipped the Goodyear Eagle Ventura.


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