Ford and others. - jc
The French government has just awarded Ford a contract for 6,000 motorway patrol cars;a contract for 4,760 lesser vehicles and vans has been split between the three French manufacturers.
Ford and others. - Dan J
This was actually an agreement made back in 1999.

Originally, the French government insisted that the only vehicles it's Police could buy were Renault or Peugeot. I believe the cars even needed to have been assembled in France. Many French ministers are extremely loath to allow any government department use anything other than French cars but signs of the times and pressure from Europe has changed this attitude. Ford offered the best deal and thus won...

Interesting though - Ford do not have a big presence in France, 8.5% of the market in fact. I imagine it was done to increase presence there, probably with little if any profit margin. Better than a TV advert having all the local authorities driving your cars around!
Ford and others. - peterb
So much for the "single market"
Ford and others. - frostbite
So much for the "single market"


Doesn't apply to the French, just everyone else.
Ford and others. - HisHonour {P}
Nothing applies to the French, unless they are in the mood.
Ford and others. - El Hacko
Post Iraq-war, perhaps Les Francais are trying to get back in US's good books - and even hoping the Yanks will call Fries French again

El Hacko
Ford and others. - madf
sometimes the French are right - not very often:-)

Ford and others. - Baskerville
>> So much for the "single market"
Doesn't apply to the French, just everyone else.

Er, didn't the original poster say that they were under pressure from Europe not to restrict themselves to Peugeot and Renault, and that's how Ford got in? Sounds like it's working to me, though the Fords will probably have PSA/Ford engines by then...
Ford and others. - DavidHM
8.5% of the market sounds huge in France.

Given that PSA and Renault have something like 60% between them, 8.5% is a stunning showing - over a fifth of all imported cars.


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