Driving experience days - james S
I was 30 last week and my parents got me one of those driving days in a box things. The question I have is which would be most interesting/enjoyable.

Driving single seater/formula 1st

Lotus handling experience- driving a Proton wira followed by an Elise.

Caterham 7. Blasting round in a caterham.

Rally school type course. Sounds like driving a souped up astra round a gravel course.

Anyone done anything similar? Which would you go for?

James S
Driving experience days - Altea Ego
Wife bought me a full day at the Phil Price rally school in Wales. They taught you car control in rear wheel drive cars on a gravel circuit. Then there was a timed race - winner won a trophy (modesty forbids etc) If you proved you could handle the car you got to drive a rally prepared Sierra Cossie on a forest rally section with a co-driver giving you notes. Then one of the instructors took you round the course again, this time at his pace (un-be-leive-able!!!) Really really really good day out.

Did the Jim Russell school at Silverstone (years and years ago - Formula Fords) Rally course beat it hands down.

Company sent me on a drive and survive course. Instructive, fun.

All in all - the rally school was the dogs thingy loads of fun and very competative.
Driving experience days - ajit
I recommend the Thruxton course- either the Lotus Elise or the Ferrari course - 3 laps in an MG (instructor driving,) 3 laps your self, then in te elise for 14 laps / or 3 laps in a boxster + 4 laps in the Ferrai + 5 laps in a Formual Renoault + a hide speed lap as a passenger in a MG 45 Touring ca
Driving experience days - DenisO
Our 4 kids did the Brands Hatch Driving Experience earlier this year. The girl did the 4x4 which was low key, not very long (55mins) and a bit tame.
The 3 lads did a Caterham day and had a blast. Special sections, donuts (one completely ruined a tyre by doing his on a dry bit) and then driving and being driven round the Indie circuit. Seemed to go on for about 2 hours and there were lot's of smiling faces both during and after.
I would thouroughly recommend the Caterhams.
Driving experience days - james S
Thanks guys,

The 4X4 one does look pretty tame. It sounds like I will have fun whichever I try.

Driving experience days - volvoman
Did a rally course at Brands Hatch a few years ago. Had a similar choice to you but chose the RS200 rally day and am very glad I did. I'd always thought rally drivers were just a bit special and this proved it. The car was so responsive and the course, although fairly short, was tight and very rough in places. When the instructor told me I'd never need to get out of 2nd gear I thought he was joking but honestly I thought we were flying at times and when he took me round the 'proper' way it was totally exhilarating.

IIRC the day comprised a briefing, demonstration, a few laps in the driving seat, lunchtime break, 2nd briefing, more laps of the circuit, photos, final briefing and assessments with presentation. Great day, just too short.

Oh, and if you do the rally course on a hot day don't go along overdressed and take a change of clothes. The lack of any ventialtion (other than front windows), the terrific heat generated by the engine and the full face helmet combine to make things just a tad on the warm side IYKWIM !
Driving experience days - joe
About 10 years ago I went on a day at Millbrook. I cannot remember the name of the company, but I think it was owned by Derek Bell. Top day.

We were driven round a rally course by the late great Roger Clarke (fresh trousers please), we did a slalom course in a Caterham (the wheel came off in my hand), we did 4 by 4 training (in a Frontera alas), ASB training in the newly launched Audi A4 (they had 6 or 7 cars there for our use)and lots of laps round the alpine circuit in various cars (including several Porsches). We had a karting race and time trials, we did 150 round the high-speed bowl in an Audi (it must have been an S2 or something), and the day finished with us each getting the chance of going up for 10 minutes in a Robinson R22 dual control helicopter. That was brilliant, up to 3000 feet, then the guy gives you the controls, you are trying to figure them out and your best mate comes diving at you out of the sun shouting "let's play war!" Fantastic!

We also hovered over the rally circuit and then raced a Porsche 968. The helicopter won.

We won this as a prize, but I think it would have cost well over £500 each if we had had to pay.

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