Cheap motorsport - Cambridge
What is the cheapest form of motorsport?
Not including trials or banger racing...or lawnmowers before some smartypants mentions it...

2CV racing?
Hillclimbing/sprints for MG Maestros somewhere?

Any suggestions?

I fancy doing some motorsport. But have v little money.
Cheap motorsport - Altea Ego
Grass track racing is cheap (mostly old minis used - good fun too) Dont forget to budget for roll over cage, full race harness,
helmet, and fireproof race suit - compulsory in most forms of motorsport
Cheap motorsport - daveyjp
Hillclimbing can be very cheap - a days course, a helmet and then use your own car. Bit boring though going up the same hill every time.
Cheap motorsport - trancer
I would look into Karts. No, not the kind with a wheezy pull-cord lawn mower engine. Full on, 125cc shifter, 2-smoke screamers. The power to weight ratios and cornering Gs are as close as you will ever get to Formula 1 unless you have millions in the bank.

Indoor tracks will take foul weather out of the equation and there are karting associations out there to offer advice and racing series. There isn't alot on them to get broken when you crash and engine rebuilds are usually quite cheap unless you are into heavily tuned specs. Visit a few tracks and sniff around for anyone getting out of the sport who might be selling a complete turn-key setup.

A few F1 drivers got their start in karts, so knows where this hobby might lead you ;-)
Cheap motorsport - Garethj
Whatever you choose to do, buying an already prepared car will probably be cheaper than building one yourself. You still need to budget for overalls, helmet, extinguisher, engine rebuilds, tyres and the possibility of driver error.

Whatever you do, good luck - and I'm jealous!

Cheap motorsport - OldOiler
Production Car Trials or PCT's, good fun , can use std road car, good competion between in classes.
Go to one first see which has less class support and go for that one - least you should get a cup then!!!.
Look in a motor sport paper for dates and locations etc.
It's not fast but demands driver skills which are lost on most modern drivers..
PS you also have to have a passenger !!
Good luck
Cheap motorsport - SjB {P}
>>> I would look into Karts. <<<

...Smiles knowingly! ;-)

I got bitten by the Kart Bug, and raced Class One (100cc) at national level in the UK for ten years, eventually ceasing for three prime reasons:

1) The collosal amount of time it took preparing for each race, including fitting new teflon coated pistons after every 45 minutes of running, main bearings after every few hours or running, a complete set of tyres for every second meeting, ensuring that the chassis was exactly 'true' and was set up and geared with good baseline settings for the next circuit, etc... Infact, my whole life was karting!

2) Associated cost, which ran in to thousands of pounds per annum by the time I finished. Infact, what was a hobby was costing considerably more than my mortgage.

3) Despite the high percentage of income (mine and sponsor Dad) that was being spent, we couldn't compete with the 'professionals in an amateur sport' who would turn up at the major meetings with a truck load of chassis and motors, and choose the best combination. I have nothing against that, and would have done the same given the means, but as I said, for me, it was a hobby, through which I could vent my competitive nature, and in so doing enjoy driving at speed, pitting physics against ability. Get it right, and the pleasure was immense.

So the lesson?
Yes, karting at the base level is as cheap as motorsport comes, but the costs very quickly rise if you want to push yourself and do anything other than stay on the bottom rung. After all, if you don't do that, there's no competition, which I guess applies to all sport!
Cheap motorsport - SjB {P}
... And I forgot: Most of the F1 boys who started in karts, did so in one of the extremely aggressive, phenomenally competitive, 100cc single gear short circuit classes, not 125cc or 250cc long circuit. You might think it strange, but it's true.

So if you think you're the Schumacher of a few years hence, you know where to start! Just remember that as with tuning your car, the cost of performance has a law of diminishing returns!

Cheap motorsport - SjB {P}
Well, several competitors I spoke to yesterday reckoned that theirs was the cheapest form of motorsport.

So what type of meeting was I at?

My beloved karting?

Hill climbing?

Hovercraft racing at Claydon House, that's what!
What a fantastic day out that was hugely family friendly, but still very competitive on the track.

Loads of action, as you would expect with a sport akin to
racing a car on ice with just 'wind' and bodyweight shifting to change direction. The skill of the best pilots was tremendous, even flipping the entire craft almost vertically sideways to use the changed balance point and air that would normally fill the cushion, to help them change direction instead.

The lower of the formulae are for kids (12-16 years old I think), going up through various levels to formula 1, with upwards of 160BHP for thrust alone (mostly from Rotax two strokes from what I could see), plus a separate lift engine.

These machines don't accelerate. They EXPLODE forwards when run up to full thrust sitting on their hulls, and only THEN opening the trottle on the lift engine. When mixed in with lesser craft in the two 'open' races, the way they carved through the field on land and water alike was terrific.

What happened when it rained?
THEY WENT FASTER, as it lubricates the skirts on land!
There ain't many sports where that happens!

So, what's the cost?

Well, several of the competitors reckoned you could buy a well maintained machine for less than a grand, and run it for £55 per race entry, plus fuel, travel, and camping (though the latter may be free I guess).

I have only one question: If the sport is so family friendly and such terrific fun to watch, WHERE WAS EVERYBODY? I counted less than forty spectator cars, and at any time of the day, you could get any vantage point you liked. if you are interested.

In me they just found a fan (just realised the pun I wrote!)

Cheap motorsport - Hawesy1982
I've been dreaming about getting into some kind of cheap form of motorsport for a while now, although i probably won't have the financial abilty to do so for another few years. My research pulled up the "Locost Car Series" - sounds promising right? Well basically they involve racing on many of britains tracks in cheaper versions of the Caterham 7 style openwheel racers. Looks like great fun to me, and all for less than £2000 a year championship costs, and the same for a decent car plus safety equipment. And for that you get a cross between the thrill of F1 style racing and the relative comfort of a (nearly) production style car!

Think thats what my long term goal is
Cheap motorsport - Cambridge
I like the look of this!!
Going to watch it at the meet in Peterborough.
How big are they?
Would they fit in a car-size garage?
Cheap motorsport - Cambridge
I meant the hovercraft...


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