UK commute 'longest in Europe' - MS

I commute 140 miles a day by car because IMO housing where I work is overpriced and the area is fluffy pink dice!

The work near home is no where near as well paid and not as interesting :-(

The commute is usually fairly free flowing (the trip computer reported an average of 59mph this morning) so isn't so bad and takes about an hour and a quarter.

Now if I went by train... 20 minutes by car to station, 10 minutes wait?, 30 minutes train ride, (change train) 10 minute wait?, 30 minute train ride, 10 minute wait for bus, 15 minute bus ride to office. And the cost????

Anybody else commute long distance?
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - pdc {P}
A friend who commutes from Manchester to High Wycombe Monday and back on Friday stayed in Windor this weekend. It took as long to do Windsor to High Wycombe as it does Manchester to High Wycombe. Using rail in both instances.
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - Clanger
Used to commute from Ilkley to near Durhm; abot 140 miles. I had opened a business and couldn't get a mortgage until I had 3 years accounts. Took an hour and a half.

Now I commute up the stairs and across the landing. It's much cheaper, quicker and safer but I don't seem to start any earlier. Must be me age ...
Stranger in a strange land
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - JAJ
850 miles (approx) each way each week from Chester to Madrid.

The worst part is the cab ride along the M56 for about 35 miles which takes between 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. Flight OK but BA have put tiny Avro 145 planes on the route (all the decent stuff sent to London - Northerners get the junk planes) which have no baggage space, are very slow and are too small (or BA are too tight) to park at the gate at Madrid.
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - DieselBoy
JAJ - You don't happen to work for an American credit card company do you?! If so, how come you get to go by BA and they stick me on an EasyJet??!!!

Anyway - my commute is a 106 miles a day round trip. Mostly motorway, which takes 50 minutes at 'stupid o'clock' in the morning (6:00am), and around 1 hour 15 minutes on the way back.

Journey is normally interrupted once a week by someone who feels the need to drive their car into the central reservation / another car / the embankment / etc etc.
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - JAJ
Dieselboy - try dialling 44006.
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - LongDriver {P}
I have the dubious record of having driven over 40000 business miles every year for the last 8 years....Current daily round trip to work is 180 miles, 5 days a week AND I live and work in the same county!
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - Dizzy {P}
My Triumph 2500 was registered in June 1972 and had covered 130,000 miles when I bought it in April 1975, even though it had been laid up for several months of that time due to the owner's illness and subsequent death. He was a company manager who lived in Peterborough and commuted daily to Southampton, around 200 miles each way. No wonder he died young!
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - MS
I wish my 140 miles a day 5 days a week were business miles! I've been doing it for 8 years too :-) but I pay for all my motoring expenses :-((((

A friend was complaining about paying tax on his company car until we compared motoring expenses... another thread coming on?
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - Roger Jones
What puzzles me about many people's perception of the car vs train issue is that they rarely acknowledge car time to be dead time and train time to be usable time. I can't say that I enjoyed the ten years I spent commuting into central London by train, but boy did I get some work done on all those journeys. It was far preferable to the time I'd spent in the previous ten years commuting locally by car, even though that total journey time was a third less.
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - MS
My company's security policy prevents me from working in public places (trains, planes etc.)

The few times I've used trains in recent years there was no room for working due to overcrowding.
UK commute 'longest in Europe' - top turkey
I think this has come up before? A daily commute from Sutton Coldfield to Nottingham means about 25k private miles per year in a 1.6 P reg Astra. Anyone else travel up the M42/A42? The journey takes about 50 mins.

If I were to use public it would take over three hours.

UK commute 'longest in Europe' - SpamCan61 {P}
Yes we've done "mine's longer than yours" before :-

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