Better looking estates - Altea Ego
The why do they bother thread has me thinking. What estate cars look better than the saloon or hatch they are based on. My list is

Rover 75, New Avensis, Alfa 156, most BMW touring(s), most volvos, new mondeo.

And I always loved the look of the old rover 3.5 when they had the non standard estate conversion.
Better looking estates - HY
All Audi's except the new A4
Citroen GS, CX and BX
Saab 9-5
Current Passat

Better looking estates - Alfafan {P}
Used to agree about the Alfa 156, but having seen the estates around for a while, I definitely prefer the saloon.

Citroen C5 far better looking as an estate though.
Better looking estates - Ben79
Used to agree about the Alfa 156, but having seen the
estates around for a while, I definitely prefer the saloon.
Citroen C5 far better looking as an estate though.

I know what you mean about the C5, especially when it has roof rails. The saloon (my car) rear overhang looks a bit short from some angles, like there should be more saloon style boot.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
Better looking estates - AR-CoolC
I have to say I'm an estate car fan.

Pretty much all modern cars look better in the estate form IMO.

Of course there are exeptions to this, the 206SW doesn't quite look right.
Better looking estates - kex
156 in Perlescent White, simply the sexiest thing on 4 wheels (within my price bracket)
Better looking estates - kex
Thats an Estate one
Better looking estates - Altea Ego
The worse looking one? The Laguna Mk1 Estate. Someone described it as having "all the style and looks of a tumble dryer" and someone else said "styled at the halls greenhouse design department"
Better looking estates - king arthur
Ford Scorpio, Ford Escort Mk.5, Citroën Xantia, Merc C-Class.
Better looking estates - Flat in Fifth
But don't you think the current Laguna Estate looks the business?

Noticed you nominated the current Mondeo Estate. My current wheels and in principle would agree except for the strange way Ford deals with the bottom of the tailgate and rear bumper. Seems to end up looking err........slabby; if that is a proper word.
Better looking estates - Pugugly {P}
Dare I say the new Vectra (and the old one for that matter, especially in Gsi guise) although I've only seen a miniscule picture of it from one angle.
Better looking estates - SjB {P}
Just spotted this thread, and noticed PU has beaten me to it, but I'll post anyway: Definitely previous model Vectra GSi Estate.

I adore the look of my much missed example, especially from behind and to one side. Hunched rear quarters enhanced by slight 'cokebottle' lines, heavily cambered & lowered rear suspension (thought this did nothing to help tyre wear!), girt great twin tailpipe, and eyebrow rear spoiler to top things off. The aesthetic balance is perfect, and much better than the Vectra saloon and hatch.

Better looking estates - jud
Better looking estates - MisterMethane
I guess a lot depends on whether the estate is specifically designed from scratch to be an estate or is just the saloon or hatch with a bit bolted on the back. The 306 and previous Laguna fall into this category.

The new Megane estate and saloon look much better than the hatch.
Better looking estates - OrtonMark
Morris Minor estate..........but more seriously the Mazda 6.
Better looking estates - PR {P}
I think the Fiat Stilo "multiwagon" looks better than the hatch. (what multiwagon means is beyond me!)
Better looking estates - OrtonMark
Even better than the three door Stilo? I don't agree but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you may be right. The Fiat Marea Weekend certainly looked better than the saloon though.

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