jingle bells engine - A2B
Hi all

I've got a Galant v6 and have wondered if the sound I hear is normal.
Souns a little like a quiet jinglely sound when accelarating, don't hear it when free reving though.
It's a V6 with 70,000 on it and seems fine apart from this, is this a characteristic of this engine or something else?

jingle bells engine - frostbite
jingle bells engine - Altea Ego
Sounds like it, the yanks call it "pinging" which is more appropriate - usually caused by pre-ignition. Some engine cleaner addative in the tank and an italain tune up (thata a blast down the motorway at high revs when hot) may fix it (if its caused by carbon build up)
jingle bells engine - A2B

I'm not sure but I think that it's not pinging, the sound is like a metallic slight clatter only under load. I'm thinking it may be exhaust related??

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