Best break down cover? - Rocket
Which one do you reccomend and why?

Best break down cover? - hootie
Mark, how likely is your car to breakdown? do you want to cover the vehicle, or you and any vehicle you drive? If your vehicle's quite new, or been very reliable so far, you probably wont need so much cover - have you thought about it?

Do you need homestart? roadside assistance only? or do you need to know they'd transport you where you need to go if necessary?

Would you be happy with a local breakdown guy, or do you want to guarantee someone from an organisation in their own liveried van?

Do you need European assistance/advice?

There's no point in paying for stuff you wont need, and only by working out what you do need will you get the best cover for you.

As I've never used mine, I can't really give you much more help than that sorry, but if you let people know more specifically what you're looking for, you'll get some personal opinions (I've seen some on here during the last week)

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Best break down cover? - TrevP
Hey hootie - you're REALLy getting into the swing of this now, aren't you?
Best break down cover? - hootie
I told you Trev, I excel at shopping!
It's all the bits that make the wheels turn and the engine roar that mystify me ;)*

Am getting slightly concerned at the frequency with which I answer a question, with a question though - perhaps I should be a politician :-D

(incidentally, have just discovered that Diamond Insurance (for girlies) is owned by Admiral ... I just love finding stuff out!)

* ps in our house, as you may have gathered, it is me who has to deal with all this kind of stuff anyway.

"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Best break down cover? - Clanger
Get a quote from GEM on 01342 825676. It was cheapest for me, but you do need a working credit card when you break down, then the costs are refunded.


Best break down cover? - robZilla
I used to have my car insurance with Budget and it included breakdown cover. The one time I used it, I was extremely impressed with the service. Car went bang, so I phoned Budget, they said they'd send someone out within 40 minutes. 10 minutes later, RAC guy turns up and looks at the car. The car can't be driven away so he calls for a tow-truck and says that it should arrive within 1 hour. 20 minutes later, tow-truck turned up (local firm) and took me and the car about 25 miles to my preffered garage. Budget sorted everything out and it never cost me a penny.

So all in all, a great service and I was very impressed with Budget all the way through. Their insurance however, is utter cr@p.
Best break down cover? - corblimeyguvnar
autonational rescue, reasonable, only had to use it once for swmbo motor and service was fine

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Best break down cover? - Mondaywoe
I never bothered with breakdown cover until the last few years -partly because I was running an elderly Xantia and partly because my health hasn't been so good and I'm less able to grovel around underneath. (A suspension fault on a Cit can make them pretty hard to do anything with at the roadside.)

I had Britannia cover on the old Xantia - only had them out once but was most impressed. When I bought the new C5 it came with Green Flag cover.Because I still had a bit of cover left with Britannia they sent me a credit note which I could pick up when my new car cover ran out. Sure enough, I phoned them this week, they gave me my credit, also asked if I was a member of a union. This got me another 10% off. I eventually paid about £45 for the year's cover.That includes roadside assistance and transport of the car to a chosen destination.

I think I read somewhere that Britannia have very high satisfaction ratings (??)

Sorry, can't comment on Green Flag - the C5 has never missed a beat. Even the Xantia problem was relatively minor - the alarm wouldn't go off because the original (car) battery was failing - ......after 9 years!


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