Italian touring. Hotel suggestions? - No Do$h
Getting married this weekend and planning on having driving tour of Northern Italy, with a brief stop in Freiburg on the way down and Salzburg on the return. Driving an Alfa I will, of course, be taking in the Stelvio Pass (lovely winding alpine roads and a new wife? Hope the Bond baddies with the machine guns aren't reading this.)

Anyway, we are planning on using the minimum of money for accomodation to stretch our no longer huge Sterling/Euro advantage a bit further. When travelling in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria I have always had good experiences with the Etap chain of hotels for clean, good value overnight lodgings. Does anyone know of an Italian equivalent to this chain of hotels?

Sorry to leave the question so late in the day, but it's rare I get to my pc at all these days due to my somewhat lengthy work hours.

Ta in anticipation

Italian touring. Hotel suggestions? - Armitage Shanks{P}
I have stayed in Jolly hotels; they used to be cheap, sort of Travelodge, Welcome Break style. Their website is You may find hotels difficult to book and expensive as this is peak holiday season. I have booked for August just by putting the place name I want + "Hotel" into Google. I haven't tried looking for B&B in Italy but I have never had trouble finding a room in Germany/Austria. Finally, the regional Tourist Office may have a website and links to accomodation. Good luck. I am going to Cortina next month and I have only got a confirmed booking for 3 nights out of 7. See you a park bench somewhere!
Italian touring. Hotel suggestions? - PR {P}
That sounds like a great holiday! I usually stay in Bestwestern hotels in Italy.(theres a lovely one in Maranello!) I find it is not as cheap as France however.
The other chain I have stayed in is the Minotel group. I think these are Swiss?
PS have you booked your ferry yet? If not try It is P&O's "budget site" from what I can gather.
I go to Italy in my Alfa every year, and this year I got a crossing for £83! Thats for a 3 week return ticket going out in Aug! Going out on a sunday makes a big difference
Italian touring. Hotel suggestions? - No Do$h
Thanks to you both for those hints.

PR, I too use on a regular basis and guess what? £83.00, travelling next Monday (21/07) and returning on 3rd August.

The best thing is that you are getting a standard ticket, which allows you to turn up for the return whenever you want and you still get on the next available sailing. Two weeks ago we spent the weekend in Gouda and had planned on a bit of shopping in Calais on the Monday, staying in an Etap in Calais on the Sunday night.

Decided against this and turned up at the P&O terminal just as they were closing the gate at the base of the ramp. They used the radio to buzz the loading crew and we were on the boat in 4 minutes from the ticket booth! As the last ones on, we got to park smack-bang in the middle of the rear of the deck (so no knocks and scrapes from peoples doors, belt buckles and handbags).

Thoroughly recommended!

Italian touring. Hotel suggestions? - Oz
All the best ND. Enjoy the wines, and the great Italian public.
Oz (as was)

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