Speeding Camera Check - matt35 {P}
Working with the IAM we have access to this site;


Have a look and check if you have picked up a ticket - it is completely legal to have a look.
Speeding Camera Check - sean
Absolutely fantastic.

I\'m not completely calm, yet.

It\'s hard to remember where you were on a particular date, isn\'t it?

Particularly when you have actually used that road.

Very well done and thanks, I think.

I recommend that anybody concerned about the results from their search, refers to the following url for enlightenment...

Speeding Camera Check - J Bonington Jagworth
A great idea, but I'm still not sure if I'm brave enough to register! It might prompt them to look through old paperwork... :-)
Speeding Camera Check - matt35 {P}
There is no registration - log in with any two words as password,enter your reg and thats it - no record is kept by the website - promise!
Speeding Camera Check - Halmer
Well done Matt. It's a belter of a site and so easy to register.
Speeding Camera Check - sean
Everyone who comes here and has fun owes a big debt to the poster, and to Mark RLBS who could have pulled the thread.

Somebody will think it's real. Some would ring the Police to ask and then complain to HJ etc.

Mark has truly come up with a judgement of Solomon as to whether to keep or pull it.

Absolute respect.

(Today, tomorrow's another day, and let rip!)
Speeding Camera Check - Marcos{P}
He He,

I spent a few minutes trying to remember if I had been in that area recently and decided I hadnt.

Very Good Matt
Speeding Camera Check - matt35 {P}
I think Mark didn't pull the thread as he was on his way North to plead not guilty?
Speeding Camera Check - sean
Ha ha ha,

I don't know if I dare say that I've read the thread about the Backroom being a bit slow.

He was, but then rallied. He added the bit to my post about it's a windup.com which I thought was impressive.
Speeding Camera Check - J Bonington Jagworth
Thank you Matt! Sorry, a bit slow on the uptake yesterday... :-(
Speeding Camera Check - Orson {P}
Fell for it: especially as it came up with somewhere that I had been, albeit a day earlier (just the wrong side of midnight) and I was flying..

Smell it? I was sitting in it!


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