Is it terminal? Carlton Rear Diff. - BobbyDazzler
Hi again everyone

The diff on my \'K\' reg Carlton CDX is \'shusshing\'.....not exactly a whine or howl, but it does alter pitch (the \'shusshing\' noise that is) depending on car speed. It stops, or should i say becomes inaudible, after about 25mph.

It\'s not LOUD, loud...but the cars so quiet i can EASILY hear it (not bad considering the 140,000 miles on the clock) My question is, is this terminal? something to REALLY worry about? or will it happily go on doing this for some time to come?

Incidentally I posted earlier asking if anyone knew about \'Lucas\' oil additives (American). I drained the Diff and replaced it with this stuff (100% as recommended for worn components) and guess what?.....

Yup, it was WORSE!! the noise increased at least several fold without doubt. I quickly refilled with EP 90 (the official recommendation). It then reverted back to my regular \'shusshing\'.

Regards to all

P.S. There\'s no \'play\' either vertically or horizontally in the prop shaft or axles so i guess this rules out bearings?

Is it terminal? - rileyrm
Hi Bobby, me again, my Carlton wined 100,000 miles ago and was told it was a common feature, £550 for a recon diff from a main dealer to £1500 for a new unit.Advised to put up with the worn bearings and I did.

Is it terminal? - David Lacey
Yep, I'd live with it...
Is it terminal? - BobbyDazzler
Phew!...many thanks guys :)

I'll sleep now.



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