Calling Mini Cooper Owners - Steve S
A friend is interested in a new Cooper (non S) and needs an auto. A BMW dealer has planted some doubt in her mind by suggesting that the fuel consumption is the wrong side of 20 mpg! The figures (mixed driving) suggest otherwise.

Anybody got any experience of this one?
Calling Mini Cooper Owners - bartycrouch
Your friend needs to visit the following site if they are at all interested in a CVT Mini Cooper or One.
They are very helpful and know the cars inside out.

This transmission has had many problems, and inumerable software updates (often referred in the forums to as CD and a number).

I have seen complaints in the auto press where owners have struggled to make more than 15 MPG.

Please don\'t get me wrong. I love CVTs and automatics and I love the Mini, but this the Mini CVT is not a happy union. I so wanted a CVT Mini when they came out, but my test drive had to be cancelled because it wouldn\'t run properly. When I did get behind the wheel, the transmission\'s acceleration from rest was frankly weak.
Calling Mini Cooper Owners - Steve S
Thanks very much and having visited - you're not kidding they seem to have loads of problems.

I now notice that the site is advertised in the car by car section. I think a warning under the "what's bad" section is in order judging by the number of problems people are reporting.

Perhaps HJ or one of the lads will add it.
Calling Mini Cooper Owners - fenman
Our Mini Cooper CVT does 37 mpg and has very good performance. The only problem is jerkiness around 5-10mph which may be solved by a software update or increased miles. The stepless acceleration from 0 to 70 mph is very impressive.

There have been no problems with the car in 4,000 miles.

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