Air con in my 306. - Rocket
I noticed today that the air con wasnt working in my car,because ive not had it that long and its the first car that ive had with air con i would like some advice regarding having the problem sorted.

Is there a kit i can buy and i can top up or repair myself or is there a specialist in air con that could help and what kind of cost should i be expecting so i know that John Air Con isnt trying to diddle me?

Thanks in advance.

Air con in my 306. - smokie
An expert will be along shortly I'm sure, but it isn't a diy job (specialist equipment and material handling).

A recharge cost me £75 a couple of years ago but there may be something wrong with yours if it needs one (i.e. a leak). These can be expensive to fix.

What year is the car?
Air con in my 306. - David Lacey
306's have problems with leaky pipes across the front crossmember.....a 20% recharge and a shot of leak tracing dye will show up any potential problems.

Air con in my 306. - Rocket
The car is P plate,so whats that an early 97??? Im moving house this weekend so its going to have to wait,but i will post up what the problem was and cost when ive had it sorted. Thanks for the info.

Air con in my 306. - jonesy127 {P}
Just had the air con fixed (leaking pipe) on my '99 306 at my local dealer - £60 odd for the initial investigation, followed by a month long wait for the part, then £180. :(
Air con in my 306. - Dave N
As others have said, it's probably one of the pipes, or a condensor, as in true french style, they're a bit fragile. Pipes can be tested with dry nitrogen and some bubble spray, condensor may need a gas and dye.

Have seen a couple where the pressure switch has gone awol, so if it's got gas, then take a look there.
Air con in my 306. - Fullchat
Try typing in "306 Air Con Fault Diagnosis" into search area - That will give you a full account of 306 problems and costs involved.


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